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I’m in a rut game-wise, and I’m not sure what to do about it. It’s partly because I’m still dealing with sinus/migraine issues, and it’s partly because…well, I’m not sure. Yes, I do know. I’m still burned out from the DS III not-plat run, so I haven’t played a DS game since. Well, I briefly played DS Remastered to make sure Steam wasn’t shitting the bed, and I’ve looked at SotFS on my desktop and installed it on my old laptop to gird my loins for, sigh, not-platting it, but other than that, nothing. I will, say, however, I bought Dark Souls III on steep sale (with the DLC) for the PS4 with the intention of making a character who can help Krupa on his plat run. I bought it during the first stream, in fact. However, I have yet to fire it up because I fucking hate playing on the PS4. I have to sit in a special seat, and my remote is busted so I have to use the TV buttons. In addition, I simply don’t like the DualShock 4 as much as I do my Xboner controller, and I constantly worry about it running out of power.

I may try to get to it today, but we’ll see. I would love to help Krupa, but there were tons of summon signs in the first stream. I actually am probably more useful in the chat, but it’s hard to tell him where to go and what to do. When he did the DS plat, he had already played the game several times at that point, and we joined him at the end of NG. This time, he started a new character and had not played since it came out. The last time he saw the game was when he guided Rory through it. So, he needed much more direction. We were trying to tell him how to get the Sage Ring because it’s shortens casting time, and if I were to give a full description, it would be something like, go to the bonfire by the big crab. Face the swamp and find the small underwater room to the left. Go in, be aware of the crazed guy with the cross on his back to the right. It’s in the far right-handed corner. That’s a lot to relay. I finally ended up telling him it’s by the big crab, which made him laugh. But other people were giving more specific directions without mentioning the general area, so I thought that might help. What it boils down to is that we shout directions at him, and then he Googles it. It works fairly well, and it’s going to be a fun time with so many Dark Souls III aficionados in the chat.

Oh! And, he chose to be a Pyromancer, so I can really be annoying this time! I was pyro all the time during the DS plat run, and I’m going to be even worse this time. He tried pyro on Iudex and didn’t get it off at first. I told him to walk backwards as he’s casting. More to the point, wait for the enemy to do his combo, then cast as you’re walking backwards (but you can’t be too far from him). It works a treat. Watching him, I had forgotten how slow the cast is at first, though, because I’m so used to it by now. Some people were telling him to up his dex in order to have a higher cast speed, but I was against it because I prefer to bump up the strength and just muscle through.

It’s interesting to watch because he’s never played Pyro before, so there is so much he doesn’t know. He was starting to feel the lack of charm with the Hand Axe when he hit the Curse-Rotted Greatwood, but he started to see the beauty of the flame. Before that, he was asking about weapons, and I said Irithyll Straight Sword (got a lot of backing on this one), then Executioner’s Greatsword, then Lorian’s Greatsword. Other people were championing the Uchigatana, but I never dug that one.

I think Krupa felt self-conscious because he mentioned more than once that he was going to brush up on the areas we were going to be in before each stream because he felt bad relying on us to direct him. I don’t think he understands that we really enjoy it, at least I do. Plus, the exploration is the key. We are more than happy to walk him through each area, and, in fact, we have. He’s summoning people to go through the areas with him, and they have been helpful in pointing out things he’d missed.

Anyway, I’ve been playing Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!, and they recently had an update. I’ve been doing my usual thing, golding my way through each day. however, there are four days that I simply cannot get a gold on. Normally, I find a way to cheese the days. Either I have as few prep stations as possible (7) or all auto-serve items or all my favorite dishes. With these four days, however, I can’t because of the severely limited dishes available. In addition, most of them have qualifiers (impatient customers, VIP customers, number of prep stations) or the number of points needed are so high, I can’t finagle my way out of the situation. There is one day that I can make it through 3 of the 4 stops, but then the fourth stop is just living hell. I am not enjoying it at all, but I feel like I can’t give up on it because it’s the only achievement I have left so far. I’m frustrated and angry because it doesn’t feel fair. I don’t mind hard. I only accept perfect days while I play, anyway, which means I haven’t done those four days at all.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza. It suddenly stopped working for no reason, and I kept tinkering with it until I figured out that the Microsoft C++ Redistributable had disappeared somehow. Once I reinstalled that, it worked again. It’s a firmly mediocre game, and, yet, I can’t stop clicking. But, and we’re getting into achievement-hunting again, it’s frustrating that the achievements I have left are nothing to do with skill. One is for logging on for 15 days. Fine. I can do that. The other two are serving 25 sausage pizzas and serving 25 basil pizzas. There is nothing I can do to force someone to order a specific kind of pizza.  I did try to just give someone a sausage pizza, but that didn’t work. Here are the issues. One, very few people order a one-ingredient pizza. Two, the delivery pizzas are only meat lovers, veggies, or cheese. Three, it has to be specifically that pizza. So, someone ordering a basil pizza with no cheese, for example, doesn’t count. It has to be sauce, cheese, and basil.

Lastly, Borderlands 3. It suddenly stopped working a few days ago after a week of not playing. I fiddled with several things, including verifying the files. Nothing work, and I was getting frustrated. As an act of desperation, I restarted my laptop, and it worked like a charm. The game is now running smoothly, and I still don’t know what was wrong with it.

I still hate the dialogue and the fact that the baddie of the mission yells at you throughout the mission. Or the quest giver. I cranked down the sound, and it really helped. Also, so much yelling at you from the enemies. It’s just way too much. I’m sticking with Amara even though I’m underwhelmed by her ult. Right now, I have hands coming up from the ground and smashing anything in their way, and they’re corrosive. They’re really cool and do great damage–if they can hit people at all. It takes a second or two to rev up, which gives the enemies time to get out of the way. They do leave a trail of corrosive goo on the ground, but it doesn’t last long. I have put points into a skill that boosts my defense mechanisms by putting up the arms to defend me for several seconds after my ult ends.

The gameplay is addictive, though, and that’s the bottom line with Borderlands 3. For all the frustrations (and there are MANY), there is something exhilarating about running around and mowing down everything in your path. I played a couple hours last night, and I could have played more if life didn’t get in the way.

Let me quickly say, though, all the things I hate about it. Sniper rifles suck (and they were my jam in 2), awful dialogue that is not ironic enough to be hipster, constant yelling, mobs and mobs and mobs which respawn after a given amount of time or going in and out, severely limited ammo/backpack space, truly atrocious map for several reasons, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

For now, though, keeping the sound on a whisper helps with some of it, and the gameplay is good enough for me to deal with the rest. I can’t help but feel that the story is going to take a turn that pisses me off forever, so I can’t jump completely into the game. For now, however, it’s fun enough to pass the time.



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