Underneath my yellow skin

Commenting Policy

I’m profoundly grateful for everyone who reads anything I’ve written. Really, truly, I am. It’s all any writer wants—to have her words read. There is no bigger thrill than hearing from people that my writing touched them or sparked an idea of their own. I’ve had people cry at a reading, saying what I’d read had spoken for them. I have people tweeting at me, asking me when I’m going to blog again. All of this is immensely gratifying, not to mention a nice boost to the old ego. However, with that said, I rule my comment section with a firm hand. The first comment by anybody new will have to be approved by me, and I will not hesitate to remove comments that go against my general rules of engagement. The basic rule is to be respectful. Ask yourself how you’d feel if the comment were directed at you before you hit publish, and if the answer is anything other than, “Fine!”, don’t comment.

I will not tolerate any display of hatred, including all the isms—racism, sexism, queerphobia, classism, and anything else I deem distasteful. This means no gratuitous use of slurs, and no personal attacks in general. That said, I believe in robust discussions/arguments, so I will allow comments that want to discuss these issues in a frank and open way as long as everyone is respectful of each other. In addition, I’ll allow the use of slurs if they are integral to the point being made. For example, if I’m telling a story of racism I’ve experienced, and the person called me a chink, I’ll use the word. If someone else calls me a chink, I’ll delete the comment so fast, most of you probably won’t even see it. Where is that line drawn? I can’t tell you exactly, but I will say that I am the sole and final arbiter of where that line is. Some may think I’m too PC whereas others may think I’m too lax, but, again, I can’t please everyone. Therefore, I’m just going to judiciously use my power for good and not evil.

Swearing is not only allowed, it’s encouraged, but in a creative way. No name-calling because I want everyone to feel welcome, but other than that, have at it. Again, thank you for visiting my blog. Grab a mug of coffee, settle back in your favorite comfy chair, and enjoy. Let’s get on with the show.