Underneath my yellow skin

In an ideal world (hidden disabilities, part seven)

In yesterday’s post, I started talking about the minority town I would build as a way to improve DEI. More to the point, it would be to let people in the majority expeience what it’s like to be in the minority. None of the truly cruel stuff like physical attacks or sustained emotional harassment because… Continue Reading

Hidden disabilities and me, part five

In yesterday’s post, I talked more about the medical model of ‘fix the broken thing’. I also ranted about a variety of things as is my wont; now, I’d like to actually talk about the social model of disability. Or not. We’ll see where my brain goes. The basic premise is that it’s not the… Continue Reading

Hidden disabilities and me, part four

Yesterday, I talked about the medical model, family/cultural dysfunction, and other things related. Today, I want to expand more on this, but also talk about the social model. What is the social model? Well, first, let’s talk about the medical model. Grossly simplified, it looks at the ‘problem’ and comes up with a way to… Continue Reading

Hidden disabilities and me, part three

I want to talk more about being a weirdo and slowly finding out that it’s not me. In the last post, I mentioned¬† that I had a rough childhood/teenage years/early twenties because I did not realize that it wasn’t just me. To clarify: I am weird. I am odd. I don’t fit in the mainstream… Continue Reading

Hidden (and undiagnosed) disabilities and me, part two

So, in yesterday’s post, I was musing about growing up with hidden disabilities. Well, presumed because I haven’t been tested for them. And I mentioned in the last post that I was scolded for not paying attention to what I was doing as I was doing it (as a kid). I absorbed that I was… Continue Reading

Hidden (and undiagnosed) disabilities and me

I’ve been playing Have a Nice Death (Magic Design Studios) daily on easy mode, and I still can’t beat the game. There are like half the enemies with less health and they do less moves.¬† Same with the bosses. And I still can’t beat the goddamn game. I can get through the first three worlds… Continue Reading

Enotria: The Last Song–A Quick Look

Someone in the RKG Discord mentioned Enotria: The Last Song (Jyamma Games), a soulslike (dare I say a Souls clone?) that has a demo now on Steam. Apparently, a beefy demo (like eight hours long!). It’s set in an Italianesque world (with Italian folklore), which is an interesting change from the usual dreary medeival settings… Continue Reading