Underneath my yellow skin

Post Schedule

I’m going to be posting one post a day on a different topic, which will rotate on a weekly basis, five days a week. Saturdays and Sundays will be my days off, so any posts on those days will just be a bonus! I have five separate categories, but some of my posts will not fit neatly into any of them. I tend to think of things on many levels, which is one reason I blog. I’ll try my best to label the posts as correctly as I can, but in the end, I’m going to put them in the category I feel is best for them. I may cross-post them if necessary.

Since I’m a night owl, I will be posting the posts in the wee hours of the morn on that day. That way, you’ll have fresh content to read whenever you wake up.

Monday: Myopia. Mondays are going to be all about me. I was tempted to call it Minna, but I came to my senses. No, I’m not going to go all LiveJournal on you, but I work through issues best by writing about them. Some of the topics I will write about on Mondays are eating disorders/food/weight, sex, depression, Taiwanese American/identity issues, family dysfunctions, among many others. Oh! And cats, specifically mine.

Tuesday: Tirades. I have a lot of anger. You may not know it by talking to me because I’m able to keep it under wraps most of the time. I have it on lockdown, except when I’m about to explode. Then, if I can’t get away from the source of my anger, I lose my shit. One way I’m able to dispel my anger is to write about it, and I’m hoping that by crafting at least one well-written rant a week, I’ll be less likely to explode at inopportune moments. The topics will include social media, ignorant opinions, and bad drivers. I’m only half-kidding on the last one. We have horrible drivers here in Minnesota.

Wednesday:  Wellness. To me, wellness includes mental and emotional health as well as physical health. I’ve been taking taiji (tai chi) for eight or nine years, so I will be talking a lot about that and how it’s improved my quality of life. I’ve suffered depression most of my life (still do), so I focus on that quite often as well. I’ll also be writing about how I’m trying to be healthier than I have been in the past because I’m an old woman, and I want to make sure my body doesn’t give out on me before I’m ready to leave this mortal coil.

Thursday: Topical Politics. I’m a political junkie, even though my fervor has waned in the last few years. No matter how I try to distance myself from it, I get yanked back in. I’m tired of politics, and I’m terrified by the idea of a President Trump, but I can’t quit it entirely, not when so much is on the line. This category isn’t limited to just elections, however, as the ramifications of politics are far more outreaching than that. This category will include posts on women’s reproductive rights, LGBTQ issues, and the difficulties facing Asians in America.

Friday: Fun. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not seriousness and anger all the time. I do have fun, even if it’s in the privacy of my own room. Wait, what? I could have called this category media reviews, but that would have ruined my alliteration scheme. There will be reviews, however, and they will mostly be of novels and video games as those are my jams. There will probably be a TV show or a movie review here and there, but I’m not promising anything on those fronts. I’m currently playing and am obsessed with Dark Souls III, so there will be several posts about that, I’m sure.