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Hello. My name is Minna Hong, otherwise known as asiangrrlMN on various social media platforms. I have many, many thoughts about many, many things, and as I am a writer rather than a talker, blogging is the perfect avenue for me to convey my thoughts. I did this casually on my old blog, theminna.com, but I decided it was time for something fresh and new, so I started a new blog. You are seeing it from its inception, so bear with me as I am sure there will be bumps and false starts before I truly find my groove.

What do I write about? Whatever is on my mind! At least, that’s how I used to do it. Now, I’m turning over a new leaf and doing things more methodically. To that end, I have actually added buttons to the menu as to what my schedule will be. You will find them up there. *waves vaguely over my head* You will notice that there is overlap in the categories because my thinking tends to be all over the place. I’ll start thinking about one issue, say, depression, and then I’ll wander over to taiji and how it’s helped with my depression. Thinking about taiji will make me think how so many Americans don’t understand what it actually is, and then I’ll lose several minutes wondering why Asian mysticism is still so fucking popular in America. This idea that Asians are only concerned about spiritual matters is misguided, but still prevalent. I’m puzzled and pissed by it because Asian culture is so much richer than that. Like, Taiwanese food is the best. It’s similar to Chinese food, but tastier. Thai food is also delicious, and let’s not forget Indian, Vietnamese, and Sri Lankan. I dated a Sri Lankan guy when I was in college. He was my first love, and I recently realized that I still compare prospective lovers to him. That’s not fair because I’ve idealized my ex in my mind, and no one can really live up to him. Plus, he had plenty of flaws, many of which contributed to the detriment of our relationship. Also, the older I get, the less I want to invest in a romantic relationship. I don’t want to live with someone; I definitely do not want to get married; I certainly don’t want kids. What I really want is a fuck buddy. Someone I can watch a game with (or co-op with), fuck for a few hours, then send home.

This is how my brain works. This is one reason I write lengthy posts. I have a hard time restricting myself to one topic per post. Other writers I’ve known have joked about pulling a Minna when they write a post that is over 2,000 words. I’m working on being more concise, but if you’re looking for snappy posts or listicles, this probably isn’t the blog for you. I’m not telling you to go because I would love to change your mind about long posts, but I just want to be upfront about my garrulousness. I also want to let you know that I have a page for my commenting policy in the menu bar. In a nutshell, be respectful to others and to me. I encourage debate, but I will not tolerate trolls or people being hateful.

I also write fiction as well. I haven’t updated my fiction site in a while, but I intend to do that, too. If you’re curious about my fiction, you can read some of my short stories and a few chapters from one of my mystery novels right here.

I think that’s enough of an introduction for now. If you want to know more about me, click here. Otherwise, kick off your shoes, get comfy, and enjoy!

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