Underneath my yellow skin

The Monumental Silence

Don’t say a word.

I like to discuss ideas and learn new things. I may not always be receptive right away, but I will think about what someone says to me and change my mind accordingly. I have pretty firm ideas, but I’m willing to have my mind changed. If I feel that there’s no exchange to be had, however, I shut down.  It’s one reason I rarely talk about abortion. I have no give there, so it’s pointless for me to have a discussion on it.

Let me give you a relatively minor example. I hate summer because I hate heat. You would think in Minnesota that liking cold and snow would not put me in the minority, but in the recent years, it has. All I hear is bitching and moaning about the winters and how glad they are when it’s finally spring. During spring, I’d hear some version of, “Aren’t you glad we finally have good weather again?” all over the damn place. I used to reply, “No. I like cold and snow.” Then, I’d get the bemused and/or flustered looks in response, and I’d feel like an idiot. In the past year or two, I’ve simply started nodding and smiling because it’s not worth my time to protest. I’ve bowed down to the overall culture because I’m tired of feeling like a freak. It doesn’t change my mind, tough. Today, it’s already 81 ‘feels like’ 84, and I’m grumpy as hell. I can actually feel the energy drain from my body when the sun’s rays mercilessly beat down upon me, and my limbs actually start to sake.

I know that’s minor, but it’s alienating on a microscopic level. Small talk is meant to be a way to instantly connect, but you need a common ground on which to relate. If I’m at Cub buying my groceries on a blazing hot day, and the cashier smiles and says, “Enjoy the weather!”, it’s not going to warm the cockles of my heart, no pun intended. It just reminds me how much I hate hot weather and how I wish it would die in a fire, and, yes, I know that makes no sense.

Moving on to more serious issues, let’s talk abortion. I said above that I don’t discuss it because my mind will not be changed on it. I’m 100% for allowing women to make that decision, no ifs and or buts. However, I used to write about it a lot because I was so passionate about it. After writing several posts about it, I lost faith that anything would change for the better, and it was killing me to spend so much time writing about it. It wasn’t a conscious decision to quit writing about it, but I just didn’t have the heart to do it any longer.  It’s still important to me, but I just don’t see how my ranting about it will change anything.

It’s how I feel about politics in general and one major reason I’m not going to write about it any longer–I just don’t see the point. Nothing is going to change. We’re still going to have a buffoon as a president, one who is systematically destroying our country and possible the world, and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it. I can’t write from a place of hopelessness because it’ll permeate my words.

On a similar tangent, one of my strengths is using humor to highlight the absurdity/atrocity of wat is happening, and I feel as if I’ve lost my sense of humor for politics in the past few years. I can rant with the best of them, and it feels cathartic to do so. However, rants don’t really do anything to change a situation, and they can feel stale when done too often. As I mentioned in a previous post, one reason I love writing my POOG posts is because I can be as sarcastic and funny as I want to be, no holds barred. All the restraints that plague me when I write about other topics are gone when I write my POOG posts.

I’ve touched on the reasons why I have the restraints in my mind in other posts, but to recap, all the moral strictures of the left have started to get me down. It’s hard to write something knowing that there will be someone just waiting to jump on me and wag their finger at me not writing exactly as they want me to. Some liberals have gotten so dogmatic to the point in which conversation is no longer a welcome thing. There is only one way to think on any given issue, and anyone who dares raise their voice in any kind of opposition is immediately shot down. I’m not talking about obvious trolls or heinous ideas which should be shut down, but legit questions that are worthy of discussing.

I’ll give you one example. I’ve seen call-out culture on social media, and it appalls me how quickly people pile on some rando who makes a possibly questionable comment. I’ve written before on the reasons why I think this happens, but it’s sickening to watch liberals tear someone down and leave their lives in shambles, then merrily go on to the next victim after declaring victory. I know the reasons for call-out culture, and I think there are merits to it. However, I don’t think destroying someone’s life over one questionable tweet is a reasonable or decent thing to do, and I think people who take glee in it need to take a good hard look in the mirror why it gives them so much pleasure. At the very least, can we talk about how this might used against people we consider our allies? No, we cannot.

I know I’ve said I’m done writing about politics, in part because I can’t stand the infighting any longer, but if I can find a way to recapture my sense of humor about it, I may return to writing about it.


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