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Monster Hunter: World limping to the end

Best place to be with Xeno.

After several days off from playing Monster Hunter: World, I jumped back in, partly to play the Kulve Taroth Siege. I’ll get to that in a minute. I also wanted to do the weekly Limited Bounties because doing them all nets a Gold Wyverian Print when it’s all said and done. Basically, it gives you one free gem (at the Elder Melder) a week, which ain’t bad. The problem is, the Limited Bounties are like, “Hunt ______ Fanged Wyverns”, which can get tedious. I do them multi if I can, but that’s not always possible. This week, it was Hunt 3 Fanged Wyverns, 4 Radobaans, and 5 8-star Quests (Elder Dragons. Just call them Elder Dragons). I mostly did Nergy for the last one because I need another Nergy Gem, and Teo once because I need his as well, but I got no gems from those five hunts. Only two tail cuts on Nergy and didn’t get the tail cut on the Teo.

I tried the Charge Blade on one hunt, and I’ve lost my skills on that. It’s a shame because it’s a great weapon, but it’s one that needs constant usage. I forget the combos if I haven’t used it in a while, and, yes, I didn’t really need the combos for the Tempered Palolumu, but I felt like a newb when I couldn’t charge my shield or my sword. The problem is that I love my Switch Axe and am so comfortable with it. I’ve taken down almost every monster with my SA, and it feels like an extension of my hand.

Side Note: I’ve mentioned before my love of axes. It started when I played as a Pyromancer in Dark Souls (that seems like ages ago) and started with the Hand Axe, then I used the Battle Axe throughout most of that game. It’s pooh-poohed as a babby weapon, but I finished the game with it. As a result, I love axes. The first time I played tank in a Dark Souls game (DS III, second playthrough), I mained the Great Axe for most of the game. I really dug the Black Knight Greataxe during my tank run in DS Remastered.

I like axes, is what I’m saying. The Switch Axe felt the most comfortable from waaaaay back in the beginning when I tried all fourteen weapons, and it’s continued to be my favorite weapon. I know it’s not as flashy as other weapons or as fast, but it’s a solid weapon. Plus, you have the heavy-handed axe on the one hand, and the fast, slashing sword on the other. I think it’s hilarious that you can walk faster with the axe out than you can with the sword, but I usually sheathe before walking/running.

you got the bling, girlfriend!
The majestic Kulve Taroth.

I’ve done all of the Threat Level 1 monsters save Anjanath, and I have the two tempered Bageljuice quest staring me in the face. I’ve done all the tempered monsters solo except the Stuck in the Rut quest (Tempered Radobaan and Tempered Barroth) which gave me the Impact Mantle. More stuns!! I haven’t tried it yet because I’m pretty good with my Vitality Mantle/Health Booster duo.  Does that count for a Tempered Radobaan? I hope so. Anyway, I did that one multi just because I couldn’t care less about doing it solo.

But! I want to try the two Tempered Bazelgeuse solo. Why, I don’t know. Stubborn pride is part of it, but it’s also because multi makes it easy. Let me rephrase that. If the other teammates are roughly my level of play or better, than multi is easy. The biggest difficulty is when one of my teammates (or more) can be one-shot by the monster, usually an Elder Dragon. Look. I’m all about healing my mates, and I keep an eye on them as I’m fighting, but I can’t do a damn thing about a one-shot. I see it with Nergy the most because of his flying attack. I can try to get off a Flash Pod, but I don’t always have time or am in the right place. Make sure you can take one hit from Nergy. That’s all I’m saying.

But! If everyone is beefed up properly, multi makes things easy-peasy. A really good team can take down an Elder Dragon in the first area, never allowing it to leave. Nergy is still my favorite Elder Dragon to fight because he’s tough and feisty and cute. Plus, he packs a mean punch, and he can do so much damage if you’re not careful. Did I mention how cute he is with his big horns? I also like his weapons and armor because they’re so spiky.

So, if I do Tempered Bageljuice multi, I don’t think I’ll feel a sense of accomplishment. I don’t want to bash my head endlessly against the wall doing it solo, however. I didn’t find Bageljuice to be that difficult himself, but two and Tempered? I’m not sure. I suppose I could try it once and then see how I feel about it if I don’t do it, but it just feels like a ‘should’ and not a ‘want’.

OK. Let’s talk Kulve Taroth. Sigh. First of all, I love her design. She’s gold and sparkly and majestic. The siege itself, however, is bollocks. Let me rephrase. It’s meant to be multi, but I can’t ever find anyone doing it, so I end up doing it solo. That is NOT a good way to do the Siege. Secondly, you have to find enough tracks/parts of her (that you whack off her) in order to level up the investigation just to be able to fight her head on. I reached that point, and I was not geared out for actually fighting her. When I did reach the point of her attacking me, she wiped me out in two hits. Then, The Admiral laughed and said we’d done enough, so we could go back to base. I don’t know how he determines that, but whatever.

It’s tedious and the first time, I just wandered around because I wasn’t sure what to do. The end goal is to break her horns, but I’m not sure this is doable solo. Or rather, it’s probably doable, but I’m not sure I want to do it. I do love the armor, but do I really want to grind for it? I need one more part for the Palico armor, which is probably all I’ll do. If that even. It’s a big disappointment, but probably not a fair judgement because no one is running it on PC.

I still enjoy the game when I play it. I like multi now that I’ve done it quite a bit. However, I think I’m ready to move on. There’s still tons more left to go, but the pull isn’t quite as strong as it was in the past. If they add more content, such as Lunastra, Teostra’s wife, I’ll dip back in, but I’m ready to try something different.

I have to give mad props to Capcom, though. I hated playing MH4 on the 3DS, and I was skeptical about the whole concept, anyway. I got hyped when I saw MHW was going to be on PC, but I didn’t think it would really be my kind of game. Mostly because I hated seeing the monsters hurt. Also, though, because it’s legend for being obscure and for having a steep learning curve. Once I jumped in, I was hooked. There are many things than frustrated me, but I kept returning to it time and time again. None of the bosses are as difficult as Dark Souls, but each hunt is an accomplishment the first time.

I put in hundreds of hours, and I enjoyed most of my time with the game. As I said, I’ll return if they add new content, but for now, I think I’m ready to close the book on Monster Hunter: World.



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