Underneath my yellow skin

The feeling of MEH

I’ve been *sigh* fighting health issues this week. Mostly migraine related, but also sinus-related. Plus, I just got my period today, which I was expecting, but it’s never welcomed. I shouldn’t complain about the last, really, because I’ve been very fortunate with my period over the years. In my heyday, I got it two to three times a year for three days at a time. Don’t worry, I asked my doctor about it, and she said as long as I got it twice a year, I was fine. And, since I didn’t want to have kids, it helped me attain that goal as well. When I had sex on a regular basis, I had my period more regularly (damn body working against me!), but when I went without, my period was all over the place. Wait. In addition, it was light whenever I had it, and I never had too many physical side  effects from it. The worst of it was that I was a bit bitchier than usual and my boobs were tender. MAYBE I got a weak cramp here and there, but that’s it. Nowadays, I barely even know I have it, and I’m pretty sure I’m perimenopausal if not menopausal.

Anyway! Vidya games. The reason I mentioned my health is because when I’m feeling miserable, I can’t play ‘hard’ games. I didn’t even feel up to DS‘ing some of the days, and that’s saying a lot. To be honest, it was because of something stupid. I play DS offline for most of the game because I am human/embered up most of the time (I got gud, y’all) most of the time, and I do not want to be invaded. I hate being invaded in these games. I hate it because I suck at PvP, and I have no desire to waste time fighting someone. In addition, anyone still PvP’ing so long after the games were released means that’s all they do in the games at this point. In other words, my chances of winning are slim to less than none. I will note, however, that I have a better chance when I’m strengthcasting than when I’m pure casting. Magic is shit in PvP given lag issues.

I like co-oping in bosses, though. For whatever reason, you can’t switch from online to offline in-game or even while the game is playing (at least in DS III). So, when I’m up to a boss, I have to quit the game, go offline in Steam, and then fire up the game again. Also, for some inexplicable reason, FromSoft decided not to have Cloud Sync for DS III, so I had to start new games every time I switched machines. First world problem, but what a strange decision. Anyway, the irritation of switching from offline to online has stopped me on occasion from playing because I just can’t be bothered. In addition, while the game is no longer difficult for me, it can be tedious at times. It’s still a slog, and while I can play it mostly on autopilot, that doesn’t mean that I can’t be taken off-guard from time to time.

Amusing note: There is a place in the Catacombs of Carthus (DS III) where I drop off for reasons. It’s deliberately made so that if you drop in the place you think you should drop, You need to drop to the left of where you think you should, and I know this. I mean, I’ve played this game (at least up to this part of it) close to a couple dozen times. In the beginning, I made this jump perfectly fine. For whatever reason, the last several times, I’ve jumped in the wrong place and lost my embered self. Fortunately, I have plenty by this point because I grind for other things in an area that drops a lot of Embers. I tend to hoard them during the game unless I’m fighting a boss, and now that I can usually kill a boss in one try with a little help from my friends, I don’t need many Embers.

It’s funny that the late game is now easier in general than the early game. It’s because I’m all statted-out by that point, and there is little that can stop me. Except, maybe, the Nameless King. I’m already dreading him in part because getting to him isn’t easy, and there aren’t NPC summons for this boss. It would have been so cool to be able to call upon, say, Ornstein for reasons. Anyway, I have the most trouble in the beginning as a puny Pyromancer who is so damn fragile. By the time I can wield my beloved Lorian’s Greatsword and am hurling Chaos Bed Vestiges willy-nilly, I feel like a goddess. By the way, may I say that I LOVE having two Estus Flasks in this game? In the earlier games, you had a limited number of spells, and once they were done, you were done until the next bonfire. This time, you can have nearly unlimited mana, er, Focus Points (FP), and there are several ways to stretch out that mana between bonfires, including getting it back with each kill with certain weapons (Executioner’s Greatsword, what I use until I get Lorian’s Greatsword) and using less FP each time you cast a spell (Farron’s Ring). By the end of the game, you have 15 Estus Flasks, and you can divvy it up any way you like. I usually roll 10 Estus Flasks* and 5 Ashen Estus Flasks. However, I’ve seen YouTubers rolling with some ridiculously low number of Estus Flasks, like two, so they save it all for their FP.

The trade-off for Pyros is that in this game, there are stat requirements to use the spells, unlike in the past games. The sorceries and miracles have always had these requirements, so I guess it makes sense that the pyromancies got them as well, especially with basically unlimited mana, but I still am a bit disgruntled about it. At any rate, I can pelt my fire spells with abandon, and then when I’m running low or feel like a bit of melee, I can whack them with my Executioner’s Greatsword and get some FP back.

Ok. It’s Thanksgiving which I don’t celebrate, and my head is starting to pound. I’m going to wrap this up for now and may pick it up later. Oh! The video is from OutsideXbox and OutsideXtra (Oxbox and Oxtra) who are participating in a D&D campaign called Oxventure with Johnny Chiodini as their DM. This song/video is a  paean to Johnny and a commentary on depression, and the proceeds go to Mind, an organization that supports people with mental health issues. The video is funny and touching at the same time, and it’s really good. I hope you enjoy it.



*Yes, I know it’s only one flask, but you know what I mean.

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