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General Housekeeping News!

may i have your attention, please.
Cleaning house!

As I stated in a recent post, I’ve been thinking of changing the categories on this blog. Brief history: I used to blog about whatever I wanted and whenever I wanted because you are not the boss of me. Funny thing is, I had planned on replacing the ‘Topical Politics’ category, but I continued to write about politics. Instead, I’m going to change ‘Myopia’ to ‘Musings’. It’ll still probably be all about me because it’s my blog, but it’ll be like peeking into my diary, only more interesting. I’ll leave the ‘Myopia’ posts as marked because I can’t be stuffed to change the tags, but from now on, Monday posts will be categorized under Musings.

I’m also considering making POOG the permanent category for Fridays and moving the other ‘Fun’ topics to Thursday. I’ll have to come up with an alliteration for it, something like Topical Culture. Topical works with pretty much everything, really.

Anyway. That’s it from the management. We now return you to your regularly-scheduled program.

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