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A ton more Monster Hunter: World–and a little bit of Dead Cells

what could possibly go wrong?
I’m sure nothing bad will happen here.

I’ve played a shit-ton of Monster Hunter: World this week, but we’ll get to that in a second. Dead Cells was officially released on August 6th, and I reinstalled it to see if I could finally beat the goddamn boss at the end of the (Early Access) game. I’ve written several posts about it and why I quit playing it, even though it’s an excellent game. Before I talk about that, I have to address the regrettable controversy surrounding Dead Cells, one not of its own making, and one it does not deserve at all. An editor at IGN, Filip Miucin, plagiarized Boomstick Gaming’s review video for the game. When the news dropped, I was on the fence because the few things I saw weren’t that egregious. There are certain phrases that come up in every review about this game–rogue-like 2D Metroidvania platformer, for instance–and the notable things about the game are, well, noted in each review*. But, looking deeper into it, there’s no denying that Miucin copied Boomstick Gaming’s review, and IGN acted admirably by investigating and then firing him.

Miucin was a YouTuber before he became an editor at IGN, which, you know, maybe not the best of ideas, but so be it. After the debacle, he put out a video he labeled an apology, but was anything but. He said it was unintentional and that the other example provided was just click-bait for Jason Schreier (Kotaku writer). Miucin challenged the internet to find other examples of him plagiarizing, which is the last thing you want to do in his position. Turns out he plagiarized from Wiki, his own colleague at IGN, and his resume was a template stolen from LinkedIn. He’d been doing it for years, and he probably thought he could get away with it at IGN because he hadn’t been caught before.

Anyway, the point isn’t Miucin’s despicable behavior, but the fact that Motion Twin (the devs) doesn’t deserve this. They’ve put out an amazing game that has vastly exceeded expectations, and yet, forever, they will be linked to the Miucin debacle. In addition, Motion Twin has an egalitarian pay system. Everyone who works for the team gets the same pay. They all get the same bonuses. It’s a small team, which makes it even more amazing. The game is gorgeous and addictive, and I still can’t beat that damn boss.

My one biggest gripe is that it can take me up to an hour to make it to this boss. I can be as overpowered as hell, and the minute I step into the castle, it doesn’t matter. No matter how fat my health bar or how strong my weapons and skill, I get destroyed by this boss. I’ve met him twice since I reinstalled the game this time, and I lasted at most a minute the first time and maybe fifteen seconds the second. I cannot beat this boss no matter what load-out I have, and it’s mostly because I can’t practice against him often enough.

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