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Hades: come for the combat, stay for the lore

I’m still playing Hades. I’ve upgraded myself from saying I’m sucky at it to declaring that I’m firmly mediocre! Again, I have to qualify that by saying within the community who actually play the game on a regular basis. Among the gen pop, I’m aces. It’s how I describe myself at Dark Souls as well. And, yes, still, even though I’ve platinumed the first and third game. By the way, I still haven’t played much of the Souls games since I finished the not-plat for DS III. That platinum grind was horrible and I regret doing it. A fourth of me wants to not-plat the second game, but the sane part of me says sternly not to go up that same tree again. Weirdly, I’m fine with it. I’ve played DS III a few times and enjoyed it, but I don’t have the burning desire to play it. I know it’s there if I need it, but I don’t need it at the moment.

Back to Hades. Here’s the thing. I watched Aoife from Eurogamer play it yesterday. She’s almost exactly where I am in the game (she’s sharing a character with her hubby and combined they have about the same number of escapes together that I do, though in less attempts), but she’s better at not getting hit. What I love is that she has many of the same thoughts as I do, such as romancing both Thanatos and Megaera (though she’s not as far down the line as I am). She mentioned the boss fights being somewhat like Dark Souls not in the actual gameplay but in the sense of–well, let me give you the background. She was up to Meg doing a shield run on Heat Zero when she mentioned that the game was like Dark Souls. The first time she faced Meg, she was thinking, “What the hell? How the hell can I ever beat this?” Now, she’s like a a bump in the road at most.

That’s exactly how I felt, especially with Megaera. The first time I faced her, I was overwhelmed by all her different attacks and despaired of beating her. Of course, in the grand scheme of things, she isn’t that hard and now I get cross if I take too many hits. That is–*spoiler*–when I actually face her. At some point, not sure exactly when, Meg’s sisters get involved and you can face either Tisiphone or Alecto (or Meg) when you reach the first floor boss. Alecto is by far the worst, not only in terms of fighting, but personality-wise. Aoife agreed with me that Alecto was the worst. Someone in the chat said, “Worst than the one who is basically a zombie?” That would be Tisiphone and I’ve come to really like her. She only says ‘muuuuuurder’ and ‘muuuuuuurderer’, but then Zagreus tries to get her to say ‘Zagreus’. She does eventually, but mostly says a combination of murderer and Zagreus. Something like ‘muuuurdeZaaaaaaaagerer.’ Then, he decides to try to get her to say happy and she reverts to murder and murderer. She’s the best! *unspoilered*

Aoife also mentioned that she had trouble seeing the traps in the game, which I do as well. It’s partly because I’m not paying attention, but it’s also because the traps are designed to blend in with the floor. I had to laugh when she chose the modifier that gave something like 400% damage from traps and lava. She said optimistically that maybe it would make her more careful with the traps. Spoiler alert: she was not.

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