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Games that missed the mark–by a little or by a lot

In this year of our lord, Pandemic, there have been many games that I have tried, but few I have stuck with. I’ll get to those in a separate post, obviously, but for now, I want to remember the games that I picked up and discarded for varied reasons. We’ll go in chronological order just because it’s easier that way.

First up is Iceborne, the DLC for Monster Hunter World. Capcom. I poured hundreds of hours into the original and loved slicing my way through the game with my swax (switch axe). I had dozens of armors, painstakingly crafted to fight each monster. Everything was just so, at least until the Tempered Elder Dragons, when my enthusiasm started flagging. Well, Iceborne is a vault up to Master/G Rank, which means everything is more grueling and anything I’d accomplished up to that point meant jack and shit. I remember the feeling of intense disappointment when my basic swax did more damage than my most upgraded swax from the main game and the basic armor was better in every way than my most elite MHW armor. It was such a bummer and enforced my feeling that I had wasted my time playing the base game.

It didn’t help that any time I joined a group, the other players had clearly been playing since the main game came out. Like, all the time playing. I was the newbie and I did not like not being helpful. Yes, I was the healer, but there’s only so much that can get you. I wasn’t earning my keep and I didn’t like it. Let’s face it. I didn’t like Iceborne. At all. I’m not saying it was bad and I’m sure people who only play Monster Hunter loved it, but I fell off it really quickly. I never took on Fulgur Anjanath, which I talked about at the end of this post about the game. Here is a second post about my feelings on the game and how I would feel guilty if I quit. Obviously, I got over it and I gave up the game for good after realizing I wasn’t having any fun with it. I haven’t looked back since.

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