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Getting stuck in Monster Hunter: World

he's kinda cute, actually.
He’s just taking a nap. Honest.

I’m sixty-plus hours into Monster Hunter: World, and I’m starting to feel a little wear-and-tear on my soul. Obviously not enough to stop playing, but I’m realizing that the way I play games is not how this game is supposed to be played. Give me a storyline and a hundred side quests, and I will do all the side quests before tackling the main mission. This happened with Skyrim, by the way. I loved it for the first 50 hours, and then I started resenting the game. I buckled down and finished the game in another 25 hours (not finishing the DLC). I loathed it by the time it was done, and it colored my whole view of the game afterwards.

I’m not at that point with MHW, but I can sense the beginning of the end for me. I’m sixty hours in and still in Low Rank. I know that’s ridiculous, and I should be done with Low Rank by this time, if not High Rank. The problem is, I have this fixed view that the monsters are bosses, and I have to gear up for them like I do in Dark Souls. Remember, I lived and breathed Soulsborne games for the last few years, and it’s what I know and love. I’m elated if I beat a boss in less than ten tries, and I’ve only one-shot the joke bosses (Pinwheel, for example).

So, I went into MHW thinking that each story mission monster was a boss, and then I was surprised by how relatively easy they were once I actually fought them. I didn’t faint once (that’s dying in this game) until I fought Anjanath, and that was probably twenty hours into the game. I haven’t failed a mission due to fainting three times (hard lose), but I did have to abandon the Rathalos mission because I only had three minutes left, and he flew off again like an asshole. One of the things I don’t like about this game is that if you don’t have any hint where something is, you can wander around for several minutes without a clue where to go. I wasted an entire mission (50 minutes) looking for two goddamn lumps of meat in the Rotten Vale, and it was all for naught.

Side note: In general, I don’t like looking things up in the wikis. However, with this game, if I give it an honest shot and can’t find what I’m looking for, I’ll look that shit up. That’s how I know where the lumps of meat are, but I haven’t redone the mission because I hate fetch quests. Even if I do love the Meowscular Chef and want to pump up my canteen.

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