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Canal of the Root Variety

I’ve beenĀ  dealing with dental issues in spurts, and I just had a root canal today (yesterday by the time you read this). It wasn’t bad (it’s the third I’ve had, the first with this dentist), but I have an insanely high pain tolerance, so take my opinion with a grain of salt. It was booked as a two-hour procedure, but I felt as if my past root canals took half an hour. This time, I would have said it was about an hour, but nope, it was two hours.

You want to know my secret? I sleep during the procedure. No lie. I did the same when I got tattooed. There’s something about the steady drilling/pressure that puts me right to sleep. Granted, I had Novocaine this time, but I could still feel the pressure. Also, when the nerves were actually being removed, it did hurt, but it was like a distant hurt. I know I fell asleep because one of the times the assistant asked if I was OK, I jerked awake in time to hear her question.

There you have it. My lifehack tip to making it through a root canal. Now, I’m bundled up on the couch (by the way. I didn’t realize it was going to be so cold today or that I would have to run and get antibiotics after the root canal, or I would have actually worn a coat), Shadow on my legs, watching a video of First 4 Figures talk about making this amazing Sif statue. I have drugs if I need them, and we’ll see how the pain is once the Novocaine wears off.