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Election Fatigue: Is It Over Already?

The first debate was tonight, and I made myself ghost on social media as it was happening because I just. don’t. care. Mind you, it’s not that I don’t care about the election or the fact that the Orange Cheeto might be president, something that continues to bamboozle my little brain, but I’m tired of all the angst, and  I’m tired of how fucking long this has been going on. We should be like France and only allow the official election to last for a few weeks and ads are free. Our election has been going on for over a year, and we still have a month and a half to go. I’ve cut way back on politics since the last election, and I’m glad I made that decision. Any time I listen to Trump, my brain becomes discombobulated trying to translate what he’s saying. Yes, I know he’s nominally speaking English, but the way he orders his words makes no sense to me. I cannot believe that he’s one of the two people in the running to be the leader of our country. I also can’t believe that there are people who want someone with no political experience at all to be our fucking president. I know that there are problems with having lifelong politicians, but I don’t think the answer is vote for someone who doesn’t have ANY experience.

In addition, it didn’t seem like there was any way for Clinton to win this debate. She would be considered too shrill, too cold, too condescending, too WHAT THE FUCK EVER. Have you SEEN her opponent? He’s lucky if he can walk and tie his shoes at the same time. He can’t speak in complete, coherent sentences, and the only person he loves is himself. He has no policies of which to speak, and he–oh, hell. If I were to list all the reasons he’s not fit to be president, I would have to type until my fingers fall off. Suffice to say, he’s emblematic of everything that is wrong with America. Loud, bombastic, know-nothing, jingoistic, ugly American. I’m not saying that’s all America is, but there is a sizable portion of our country that is like that. Waving foam fingers in the air as they chant, “We’re number one! We’re number one!” When in reality, we’re not number one in much of anything, except maybe consumerism. Don’t take this as me hating America; I don’t. I don’t love it, either, but that’s a post for another day. I just hate how some Americans think we’re better than everyone else, especially when we’re lagging behind in many quality of life measurements.

On social media, I posted that I wanted Clinton to come out to this song:

My BFF said, “Or this one”:

I proceeded to listen to it for an hour, along with the original:

I couldn’t stop listening to them, especially the version with Macklemore. This song pretty much says everything I want to say about Trump.

I have friends who are sure Trump won’t win, and I have friends who can’t stop worrying that he WILL win. I’m in the latter camp, though I desperately want to believe the first camp. Even if the chance of him being president is minuscule, it’s still too much. No one thought Brexit would happen, and it did. My anxiety is on high, and the constant update on social media isn’t helping. There’s only so much I can do, and worrying constantly shouldn’t be one of them. I’m going to vote, of course, and Minnesota will go for Clinton*, so a better idea for me personally would be to focus on local elections.

I’m also sick of all the whining by Trump supporters about wanting their country back. From whom, motherfuckers? Here’s a newsflash for you: we’re Americans, too, and we’re not fucking going anywhere. I’ve said that I’ll move to Canada if Trump wins,** but fuck that shit. This is my fucking country, too. As much so, if not more so, than the Trump supporters who hate everything that makes this country great. Steve King (R-Assholeville, IA) tweeted to a far-right German candidate:

Background on the tweet and the picture here. “Cultural suicide by demographic transformation” sounds awfully white supremacist to me. I’m not surprised by the sentiment because Steve King has said many awful, racist things before, but I’m surprised at how blatant he’s being. This is what Trump has enabled and emboldened. White supremacists feeling free to let their racist freak flags fly. This has always been a seething underbelly of America, but now, it’s acceptable to say so in polite company. Or as polite as Twitter gets, anyway. It’s disheartening that we’ve fought for so long and hard to eradicate this poison, and now, it’s surging again. Intellectually, I know that we need to lance the boil in order to get rid of it, but I do think there should be a line as to what is acceptable to say in a civilized society. Advocating for white supremacy is well beyond that line. And, again, the sentiment that King is expressing is racist at its core. It assumes that culture at its core is white, which isn’t true, especially in America. Think of popular music, and you have to include rap, hip-hop, blues, and jazz, even if you don’t particularly care for the genres. Food? Asian foods have exploded in America. Thai, Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese restaurants are everywhere, and I bet most people have had General Tso’s chicken in the last year. One-third of all innovators in America are immigrants, including the founders of sixteen very American companies. Of course, much of our farm work wouldn’t be done if we didn’t hire undocumented immigrant workers, as Georgia found out after passing a bill in 2010 that banned undocumented immigrants from working in Georgia. The people railing against immigrants would find their lives very bereft if they got what they’re demanding. I know they can’t be bothered to think about it in that fashion, but it’s true.

I also get tired of all the articles saying we have to think about the poor Trump supporters who are getting left behind. Yes, I know it’s hard to feel you don’t have a place in your society, but, how do I put this politely, get the fuck over it. OK, that wasn’t polite at all, but as someone who has never fit in this society, I can’t muster up more than a perfunctory sympathy for them. Even that is resentful sympathy because they certainly don’t have any for me. All they can think of is what they are losing, even if most of it is in their heads. Take marriage equality for example. How does someone else getting married affect you in any way? It doesn’t. I never understood the argument that heterosexuals’ marriages are adversely affected by queers being able to marry. It’s not a zero-sum game in that if one wins, the other loses. I heard the argument that heterosexual marriage would be devalued if queers were allowed to marry, and it made my head spin. I also didn’t get how queers wanting to get married was a special right when hets are allowed to get married willy-nilly. The religious argument didn’t hold water, either, because if marriage were so sanctimonious, er, sacred, then people wouldn’t be allowed to get divorces. I’m not for that, by the way, I’m just pointing out the hypocrisy. Marriage is for propagating the species? Then infertile people and post-child-bearing-years people shouldn’t be allowed to get married, either. The only reason that I found understandable was, “Men having butt-sex with each other is icky”. I’m not saying it’s valid, but it’s at least honest. The bottom line is, though, that even if you are grossed out by gay sex, it has nothing to do with you. No one is saying you have to gay-married or have butt-sex. It literally has no effect on anyone other than the people who are finally being allowed to get married. You can go through your whole life not getting gay-married, and you don’t have to attend any gay weddings if you don’t want. I’m pretty sure with that attitude, you won’t be invited to any, anyway.

As for diversity, I see it as a positive, not a negative. I like walking in neighborhoods that have people who look like me. I didn’t like living in the East Bay for many reasons, but one thing I absolutely loved was that I didn’t stick out in any way. When I turned on a television, the news people looked like me. When I walked around in San Francisco, I fit right in. I didn’t have to put up with people staring at me because they’ve never seen an Asian person before. I love being in Northeast Minneapolis and hearing foreign languages being spoken. I like knowing I can get Thai, Korean, Chinese, Mayan, Ecuadorian, Afghan, and Mexican food all within a few blocks of each other. I feel alive when I’m in Northeast, unlike I do in most other places in Minnesota.

I can feel a modicum of sympathy for Trump supporters because I know what it’s like to live with unrelenting fear, but my sympathy stops well short of electing such an unqualified person for president. My sympathy dries up when I see videos of Trump rallies with his supporters’ faces contorted in rage and hatred. Their fear and loathing are going to destroy our country if we let it, and they’re happy to watch America burn. They think they’re losing their country, so they don’t want anyone else to have it, either. They’re deeply selfish and childish, and I still have the urge to tell them to grow the fuck up. In the end, though, I say nothing, because there’s no way I can bridge the divide between us. There is no common ground, not when they would love to see me gone from their America. I consider them a lost cause, as I’m sure they do me. Right now, I want to stomp Trump into the ground so thoroughly on election day, he never shows his face in public again. Not only that, I want his supporters to know that their hatred is not acceptable in this country. Trump may very well lose this election, but he’s started something that won’t be so easily stopped. I’m also afraid that his supporters will riot if he loses. The election is not the end of this road, but only the beginning.




*We’ve voted Democratic in the presidential election since Nixon.

**Ian is Canadian, so we can fake-marry and live in socialistic bliss in Vancouver.


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