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Freedom Isn’t Free on Independence Day

democracy is crumbling.
The cracks are showing.

I hate holidays in general, and the Fourth of July is one of my least favorites. There are several reasons for it, including that only some people were truly free at the time, but it’s especially grating this year because of this president. He’s doing everything in his power to destroy our democracy, so it’s kind of hard to be patriotic* right about now. I have no desire to celebrate, even if I were so moved, which I’m not.

I’m tired. Bone tired. Soul tired. Wishing I didn’t have to get up in the morning tired. What is happening in America is not normal, and yet, it’s our new norm. I don’t get American positivity: I really don’t. There’s this naive ‘everything is going to be OK’ mentality that I just don’t understand. “Yeah, this sucks, but he’ll be impeached any day now!” Really? I don’t see any evidence of that happening. And, even if were true, then we have President Pence, who is arguably worse in some ways. Empires do fall. Societies crumble and never recover. Why are we so certain we will survive this regime?

I’m also tired of the constant outrage over everything this president does. His tweets about Mika were heinous, but not unexpected. The one thing I have to give credit to this president for is that he is exactly as he appears. There’s no deeper meaning to what he says and does, and he’s a disgusting pig. It’s also interesting how the media only really gets riled up about this president when he’s attacking one of them (or a news station as in the fake wrestling video).

Is it disgusting? Of course. Is it surprising? Fuck, no. Someone tweeted at me that we have to call it out every time, that it’s never excusable. She totally missed my point which is that it’s a matter of focus and energy. There is so much horrifying shit flowing from the various orifices of this president, it can obscure some of the actions he and this Congress are taking. It’s his one genius, really, muddying the waters to the point where you can no longer remember why you were mad at him in the first place. He’s throwing shit in hopes that it’s enough smoke and mirrors to hide his wrongdoings.

I sympathize to a certain degree because he keeps going lower than most people think is possible. The thing is, though, the sooner you realize he has no floor to how shitty he can be, the sooner you can stop being outraged at everything. I’m not saying to become apathetic, but it’s not helping anyone to be in a constant state of outrage. I should know. I find myself in a better mental state when I limit my social media and news consumption, and I think that’s a good thing. I know I need to keep abreast of what’s happening in the world, but I don’t need it to glut myself in it until I feel completely hopeless. It’s a fine line between being a responsible citizen and doing harm to my mental health.

I have nothing more to say. Instead, here’s a hilarious video of Patrick Stewart explaining how he discovered rather late in life that he’s not circumcised. Enjoy.


*I’m not patriotic during the best of times, and this is definitely not the best of times.

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