Underneath my yellow skin

Sick of It

I am still sick. I am worse than I was yesterday. I’m tired, cranky, lethargic, and weak. I managed to get to Cub today and buy ginger, honey, a lemon, and a box of crackers. I got home, and it felt as if I’d taken a trip to Africa and back. I made some ginger lemon honey tea*. I played some Dark Souls, then I snuggled down on my couch with my laptop, my cats, tea, crackers, and my grumpy self.

I have been avoiding social media for the most part, and I’m ready for me not to be sick any longer. Fuck this shit. Have a cat video. Maru is the best (and his sister, Hana).

*A remedy from my youth. My mom made it for me when I got sick as a child.

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