Underneath my yellow skin

Feeling under the weather

too damn hot!
Saunas are not my friend.

We’ve been experiencing a heat wave in Minnesota this week, and to make matters worse, my a/c is busted. This is my own damn fault. It broke at the end of last summer, and when I called the repair guy, he said it would be better to wait until this spring to fix it so I would have more time on the warranty. That made sense as last summer was fairly cool, so I agreed. Then, as you probably guessed, I forgot. To be fair, we had a 15 inch blizzard on April 14th. The last thing I was thinking about was air conditioning. So, yeah, my fault, but I’m ruing it now.

We hit 97 degrees on Saturday and 101 degrees on Sunday. It hit 90 before it was even noon. Now, if you know me, you know that I cannot stand the heat. 60 is about my level of comfortableness, and anything over that ratchets up my irritability. When we hit 70, I want to throat-punch somebody. If it hits 80, I start to lose the little bit of energy I have. 90 makes me incapacitated, and 100? Forget about it. I was outside in it for a few minutes at a time, and it was incredibly draining.

How am I dealing with the heat with no a/c? Poorly. I have three iced drinks with me at all times, which helps. I’m in as little clothes as possible (usually a tank top and boxer shorts) with my hair up. I have an old big box fan that only works on high that I have blowing on my face. When it gets really bad, I go into the basement because it’s so much cooler. It’s not great, but if I make like a slug and don’t move, it’s barely tolerable. I blasted the air when I was in the car, though, I’ll tell you that much for free.

My sleep, which is shit, anyway, is even more erratic now. As I said in a recent post, my sleep goes nuts when I’m sick–which I was in the near past. Currently, I’m going to bed by midnight and getting up around six. I used to go to bed around four or five in the morning and get up around ten or eleven. Before that, it was even worse. I went to bed at six or seven in the morning and got up four hours later. Now, it’s an average of six hours a night. I can’t get used to getting up at the crack of dawn, even though it’s been more than a month.

I’ve been exhausted since the heat wave had started, and I’m pretty sure it’s heat-related. No matter how much I sleep, I’m dead tired when I wake up. Not just sleepy, but drop-dead exhausted. I literally can’t keep my eyes open at times. It’s disconcerting because even when I was sleeping four hours a night, I wasn’t this tired. I’m blaming the heat, but I’m thinking it might also be my sleep deficit catching up with me. Also, still not completely 100% (about 93%), and I’m nervous about a relapse. I’ve been coughing a bit in the past few days, which isn’t good. Plus, my left ear is all crusty again. These are both signs that maybe I’m coming down with the sickness again.

The heat is supposed to last all week. I saw someone on FB post that she preferred 90 to a blizzard, and my entire body recoiled in horror. I know I’m in the minority, even in MN, and it’s slightly depressing that anti-snow/cold is so rampant here. I mean, I get that it’s never going to be the popular choice, but does it have to be so reviled? I know I’m a freak for liking cold. I know that it’s unfathomable to many people. But is it really that weird?

Sigh. I’m done with this heat, but it’s not done with me. Supposedly, it’s going to last for a week; I probably wouldn’t be able to get an appointment before then. I would be more pissed if it weren’t my own damn fault. As it is, I’m merely crestfallen and worn out. I’m also irritated with things to an nth degree. I know this about myself; I’m a princess when it comes to the heat. I try not to be self-conscious about it, but I can’t help it. I’m embarrassed that I wilt in the heat, and I feel as if I need to cover it up from the population in general.

I’ve also learned in the last few years to nod and smile when people gripe about the cold or anticipate spring/summer. I used to be more neutral about how I answered, but even that caused weird responses. Sometimes, I will say I like/prefer winter, but most of the time, I just nod and smile. It sounds like a little thing, but it’s alienating because it’s a big part of me. It just reminds me that I’m not like normal people in any way.

Side note: David Cage’s new game, Detroit: Become Human has dropped, and the boys are doing a playthrough because of course they are. They had a video in which they speculated as to what will happen in the game, and, yes, they made a bingo card of it. It has started better than other David Cage games, but that’s a very low bar to clear. It’s still so fucking heavy-handed, but at least there’s some action in the prologue. Yes, it’s trite and has been done a million time, but it’s not Ethan brushing his teeth, shaving, taking a piss, and taking a shower. Again, a very low bar to clear, but that’s what David Cage has reduced me to.

For those who don’t know, I’m obsessed with David Cage because to me, he’s the crystallization of everything that is wrong in video games. I’ve written three posts on it before losing my will to live, but I’ll probably get back to it at some point. You can search my archives if you’d like to read the rants. I will only watch the boys play it because they are willing to rip him apart in a way other YouTubers/reviewers won’t. Plus, they’re at their most hilarious when they’re reviewing a David Cage game.

Anyway. I will be bunkering down in the basement later when it gets intolerably hot. I’m playing Dark Souls Remastered and enjoying it, even though it’s not that much different than the Prepare to Die edition. By the way, big shout-out to the hacker who killed Andre, an important NPC in my game, forcing me to start over. I like jolly cooperation, but I hate invaders and hackers. There’s another hacker who makes it so the person invaded gets soft-banned, and this is one reason I don’t like playing nicely with other people.

I will say, until that point, I was immensely enjoying jolly cooperation. I called in two players for the Bell Gargs and two for the Capra. We destroyed the bosses, and I kinda regretted summoning. So, in a way, starting over was a boon–no. Fuck it. Fuck hackers. I will say on this playthrough, I’ve beaten all the bosses in one, solo. I’m up to the Depths (and have killed the Moonlight Butterfly, plus Havel. I backstabbed him to death as per), and it’s been a smooth run so far.


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