Underneath my yellow skin

Reluctantly giving up the (first-person) ghost

I gave up on Paradise Killer by Kaizen Game Works, reluctantly and with much regret, after I could not get it to not cause me nausea and headaches after playing for half an hour to an hour. I talked about my woes here and fiddled with it some more, including unlocking the FPS, but it just didn’t work in the end. I could have dealt with it if it just meant being sick and nauseous while playing, but it lingered for a long time after. In addition, when I thought about the game, the feeling would return. I’m really sad about it because I loved the game and was so excited to play it.

I played roughly three hours of it and can say with confidence that if you like retro and neon vibes with a high kitsch factor, murder mysteries that have the feel of ‘she had gams for days’ kind of prose and mysticism, and a lot of walking. I mean a lot of walking. A LOT. There is fast travel, but it costs a blood crystal to unlock at each save point (the game’s currency) and another crystal to actually use it. And you have to find the blood crystals around the island. You can probably get them in other ways such as doing side quests, but you have to shell them out for many things, including information.

I finally decided to try Divinity: Original Sin 2-Definitive Edition by Larian Studios, which is a D&D-based video game that is by all accounts the closest to the real thing. I tried the first game and did not care for it. As much as I would love to try D&D in real life, the idea of doing it in a video game stressed me out because I don’t like turn-based combat. I’m not one for mapping out my combat, which is probably why I just go for take damage/give damage when I play Souls games (along with casting).

To my surprise, I played an hour-and-a-half and enjoyed it! My name is wrong (mulan roguee instead of mulan rogue because my E button sticks, and it’s bugging me enough, I might have to do it over), but I’m digging my elf enchanter character. I’ve decided to play it unlike how I would normally play–which is dark and dour. I’m making my character not upbeat, but more pleasant and personable.

Shout-out to Ian for giving me a spoiler about a possible horrible event that would most definitely make me quit the game if it happened to me, which he thought it would. I’ll be on the look out for it as I continue to play and make sure it doesn’t happen.

I’m also still playing Hades because I’m trying to get the goddamn legendary fish from the Chaos level and it’s just not happening. Sixty-some runs later, and I’ve only gotten a fishing spot in Chaos’s level twice I think. MAYBE three times. I’m about to give up, but it’s killing me to have one blank spot in my Codex.

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