Underneath my yellow skin

Uphill Climb

Hello, everyone. I am happy to say that I am on my way to recovery, finally. It’s slow, and it’s agonizing, and it still feels as if aliens are chewing on my face (but less nosily), and I’m still exhausted, but at least I can walk to the bathroom without wanting to collapse in a heap.

I also found out that I’m still a tad hyperactive, so it wasn’t my lowered thyroid meds dose that has been the problem. It probably hasn’t helped since being hyper has its own problems, but it’s not the reason I’ve been feeling this shitty. I will say that I think going to the clinic to get my blood drawn is what exposed me to whatever I’m dealing with, just as I contracted my first round of the flu after visiting my doctor in…January I think it was.

I was planning on going back to the doctor this week, but then I slowly started getting better, and I decided it wasn’t necessary. Right or wrong, I now associate going to the doctor with getting sick. If I do have a sinus infection, however, I probably will have to go back and get antibiotics. I’m giving it a few more days before making that decision.

This is the sickest I’ve been in a long time, and it’s a reminder that I have a shitty immune system. Even though I’m better, I’m still a long way from fully recovered. I haven’t been doing the Sword Form in my morning routine nor my weight sets, and I’m still not ready to do that yet. I haven’t been to taiji in weeks. I plan on going tomorrow (today by the time you read this), but I need to take it extremely easy.

I hope to get back to writing posts soon, but for now, you’ll have to settle for Maru with a toy in his mouth kneading a pillow. His sister, Hana, is snoozing on the rug in the first part of the video. I love the serious look on his face as he makes biscuits. Enjoy!

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