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I’m Sick; Get Off My Lawn!

I’m still sick. I learned from my taiji teacher that her husband has a mold allergy that has symptoms which mimics flu symptoms. Fever, chills, body aches, exhaustion. It also produces itchy eyes, which I’ve been having in the past few days. I had no idea a mold allergy could be something that happens outside versus inside and that it can be like the flu. She suggested Flonase or the generic equivalent, so I’ll give that a shot the next time I go to Cubs. I’m really not in the mood to blog as I’m feverish, cranky, and tired. So, here’s a video of Max White (don’t know who he is, but there’s no commentary in the video) doing a Waste of Skin Bloodborne run, all bosses. That means no leveling up at all during the game. It’s pretty hardcore, so major props.