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It’s time to say goodbye (provisionally) to MHW

easy-peasy with four people.
Ain’t no party like a gank party, hey, ho!

I’m still hacking up a lung, which is really unpleasant. I’ve been wanting to fight Tempered Kirin, but my energy is too low to take on that challenge. One of the best and worst things about Monster Hunter: World is that doing each new quest solo takes a lot of energy. They aren’t necessarily hard (though some of them are), but they are grueling. Capcom has added Arch-Tempered Kulve Taroth, Nergy, and Kirin (I think the first and third are temporary), which just makes me heave a sigh.

I’m going to make a confession that I’ve alluded to before, but I’ll state it plainly now. I find the Tempered Monsters to be boring. They just have way more health than their HR counterparts, and they’re more aggressive. That’s it. Doing them solo is tedious, and doing them with a talented crew is too easy. Granted, I haven’t hit the Tempered Elder Dragons yet, so that might change. The thing is, I’m not looking forward to it at all. I’ve been putting off Tempered Kirin because I’m sick, yes, but also because I’m not enthusiastic about it. I know I can do it multi and be done with it, but that defeats the point, I think. Or not? The most fun I have with the game is multi, so maybe I should adjust the way I’m thinking about the game. I have nothing left to prove as I’ve beaten all the monsters solo.

I was thinking about hardness in the Dark Souls games last night. I beat the Fume Knight with the help of a really stellar player summons (shout-out to Zoi and all the people still playing DS II after all this time) and the two NPC summons*. I had looked him up beforehand to refresh myself as to his weaknesses, and I noticed that his HP was 14,258. Gwyn, the final boss of DS had 4,250. Yes, Fume Knight had over 10,000 more HP than Gwyn. Sister Friede has 18,877 (total for her three phases). To be fair, the boss with the highest HP in Dark Souls was also in the DLC, Manus, and he had 6,665. Still. Giving a boss way more health is not my favorite way of making a game hard, but at least in Souls games, it’s not simply giving bosses more health.

I suppose you can think of Tempered Monsters as NG+ and Arch-Tempered Elder Dragons as NG++++++++, but the problem with that is that it’s only the monsters that get buffed. I mean, yeah, I know the whole game is centered around slewing monsters (it’s right there in the title), but at least during the storyline, as it were, you find different areas, different environmental life, new NPCs, and new armor. You unlock different upgrades to your weapons, and new upgrading systems. Once you hit Tempered Monsters, everything is pretty much unlocked as far as new stuff.

By the way, speaking of DS II, I found a new corpse yesterday that I don’t remember finding before. In Brume Tower, there are a series of doors you can open (after stabbing the Nadalia Statue and defeating the headless lava-spewing giant (Iron Warrior, who has 3,300 HP itself) that open to a ledge. Some have items, and some don’t. One has a body right next to the door, and there were messages saying to look right. I thought they meant the body, but then I noticed there were boxes stacked artfully to the right. I smashed them with my Greatsword +10, and there was a little ledge behind them. A body with a Titanite Slab (highest upgrade material) and three Titanite Chunks (second-highest)! I love that I’ve played through this area half a dozen times or so and STILL am finding new things. Thanks other players!

Another thing about knowing each area so well–I can just breeze through it so easily. I hated this DLC the first time I played as a squishy caster. Well, I hated all the DLCs, but this one especially because it’s the worst, but also because it’s fire-based, which meant my Pyromancies did jack and shit. And the mobs. Oh, the mobs. Especially the fat assholes who explode themselves. Ugh. I only had two or three deaths traversing the whole DLC this time (except, of course, the optional run because, say it with me, fuck the optional runs), and one was from an ill-advised roll.

I fully upgraded both the Black Knight Ultra Greatsword and the Black Knight Greataxe (my beloved) just for funsies. DS II gives you plenty of upgrade material, and as I said, levels are relatively cheap in this game so I’m sitting at something like 165. I have 40 in Strength, 18 in Dex, 30 (I think) in Int, and near 30 in Faith. I love being a strength caster. I’m rocking the penal helm and handcuffs, plus Vengarl’s chest armor, and chaos boots. I have to wear the Royal Soldier’s Ring +1 in order to wear it all plus my heavy weapon (I skimped on Vit), and I put a couple more points into Adaptability because invincibility on my roll is shit. I’m also messing around more with hexes in this playthrough, and I really like them.

Still. I’m almost done with my DS II playthrough (Ivory King, I’m coming after you), and I’m not sure if I want to do a NG+ run. I don’t know if I’ve ever done a full NG+ run in this game, to be truthful, and it’s the one where it would actually make a difference. I don’t like that they throw in new enemies, though, although I understand why they did it. But again, just throwing in more enemies is not an interesting way to make it harder. There’s a mod that changes around all the enemy placement in DS II. No thank you!

Right now, I’m doing the limited bounty quests in MHW for the winterfest perks. I haven’t been doing anything else because as I said, I don’t have the energy. The limited bounties are fairly easy, mostly because I can do most of them multi. Except the challenge quests, which, fuck those. I keep thinking I should do Tempered Kirin, but then I think of what it’ll entail, and I say, “Not today, Satan!”

I just bought Book of Demons for 66% off. I think it went on such steep sale because it dropped today (has been in Early Access for quite some time), and it’s a 3D paperverse that looks amazing. it’s a hack-and-slash, but you use magic cards as your weapon. You can be a warrior, rogue, or mage (guess which I’m going to try first), and I’m assuming the cards you pick up will be tied to your class.

I need a new game. I’m mostly done with MHW. Well, I say that now, but they’re also adding a WITCHER 3 QUEST!!!! Geralt is coming to Astera!!!! My video game boo (one of them) with a gorgeous voice. They even got the original voice actor to do the dialogue. Here is the trailer:

Watching Geralt face a Derblers gave me shivers. Ian was saying how cool it’d be to have a Witcher 3/MHW crossover, and here we go! It’ll be interesting to see if they keep his trademark blades or if you can use any weapon you want. They have to keep the blades, right? It would be too weird to play as Geralt (by the way, am I the only one who thinks ‘Geralt of Riviera’? Only me? Ok, then) with something else, even though I love my Switch Axe. All sixteen of them.  This is supposed to drop in early 2019, and you can sure as hell bet Imma be all over it! There’s also a huge DLC coming out in late 2019 (later for PC than console, probably) called Iceborne. HELLS YEAH! They combined two of my favorite things–winter and Bloodborne! Er, I mean….Here’s the trailer for that:

It’s supposed to be huge, and I’ll probably be ready for more hunting of the monsters by late 2019, especially if it’s in an ice world.

Until then, it’s time to dive into my pile of shame to find other games that might interest me. Or, just cave and buy Ashen, the Souls-like game that everyone (including Ian) is raving about. It doesn’t have magic in it which is disappointing, but neither does MHW. Ian says he thinks I’ll like Ashen because there’s a lot of world-exploring, and I trust his judgment on me and games. If it were on Steam, I would have bought it already, but it’s at Epic’s new store instead. Maybe I’ll wait until it comes to Steam, or maybe I’ll cave and buy it, anyway.






*I have beaten him solo. I do not wish to do it again. Yet.

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