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One of the weird things about recovering from being sick is that my sleep gets really weird*. One of the only things I like about being sick is that I can get a solid chunk of sleep without much effort. Granted, I’m still fucking tired when I wake up, but at least I get some rest. Ironically, I know I’m getting better when my sleep starts to get worse. As I’ve said before, it’s as if my mind/body will only allow me to get good sleep when it has an excuse–me being sick. The second I start getting better, my sleep takes a nose dive. As a result, I may feel physically better, but I’m just as exhausted. That’s where I am right now. Exhausted and crankier than hell.

My favorite video for the week: BBC interview interrupted by the interviewee’s daughter who walks into the place like she owns it.

Predictably, several memes around this family have emerged. My favorite tweets:

is pretty great, only to be equaled by:

I love this little girl so hard and tweeted that I wish I had a tenth of her confidence and sense of style. I also said of the latter tweet that this pairing should be True Detectives, Season 3: Who stole all the rainbows in DC?

BBC interview girl is the best, and I hope to be just like her when I grow up.


*Weirder than usual, which is pretty damn weird.

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