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Pet Peeves and Minor Grievances

back away now.
Do not test me.

I’m still sick and tired, though I think I’m on the mend. I can tell because I’m grumpier than usual, which is the hallmark of me recovering. I’m at my grumpiest when I’m around eighty percent recovered in part because I’m so fucking tired of being sick. It’s also because my sleep starts getting jacked again, which sucks. I hate that I only get decent sleep when I’m sick, and it gets worse as I get better. I’m also fighting off a relapse, which is no fun at all.

When I’m out and about in this state, I have no patience at all for other people. Not that I have much in the first place, but my filters are not as firmly in place, and I have to work harder not to let the frustration show on my face.

I decided to give into my mood and list all my pet peeves and minor irritations/grievances. Most of them are not really worth talking about, but because this is my blog, I’m going to talk about them ad nauseam. It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to. I want to reiterate that I know most of these aren’t a big deal, but they still bug the shit out of me. Yeah, taiji has made me less irritated in general, but there’s still plenty frothing under my skin.

  1. Blocking the aisle in the grocery store. This one enrages me beyond what’s reasonable, but it’s because it’s so needless. How hard is it to see someone standing next to you or behind you and realize they want to get by? I’m someone who’s constantly scanning the environment around her so it’s almost unfathomable to me to not be aware I’m impeding someone’s movement.
  2. Tailgating. This is a bigger deal, and it causes me to clench my teeth every time. It seems to happen more and more often lately, and I think it’s because of texting and forgetting that cars are lethal weapons and not just mobile homes. Also, I attribute the horrible driving in Minnesota as a way to blow off steam from having to be Minnesota Nice in real life. It’s the anonymity, much like trolling online.I try to keep at least three or four car-lengths between me and the car in front of me, but most people don’t bother. I get really antsy when someone behind me is less than a car length behind (especially since my car accident), and I’ve found much to my amusement that if I hard stare in my rearview mirror (even while wearing sunglasses), the person will back off nine out of ten times. The charitable part of me says that they’re just distracted and my staring at them reminds them to follow proper road rules. The nasty part of me wants to just scream at them for being dickheads.

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I’d Like Some Cheese With My Whine

this is my don't fuck with me face.
Go away. You’re bothering me.

I’ve been in a weird mood lately which I’ve documented before. I’m depressed, but I can recognize I have no reason to be depressed. It’s not internal; it doesn’t feel internal; it’s still depression. As a result, I’m more irritated than normal, which is pretty irritated to begin with. I have a bitchy voice in my head almost constantly, but I don’t usually give voice to what it’s saying. It’s like having the MST3K guys in my head giving commentary to what’s happening, but twice as snarky and half as funny.

Speaking of cheese, it’s the one thing I really miss. I’m surprised how little I miss bread (I don’t miss it at all. I do have some substitute bread, though, which is pretty tasty, too), pasta (can still eat pho!), milk (flax milk, yo!), and ice cream (cashew milk ice cream is better than the real thing). Cheese, though. Daiyu shredded pepper jack is a decent substitution for sandwiches as long as it’s melted, but I have yet to find a fake cheese I’d snack on by itself.

I’m having digestive issues again, and a few nights ago, I had a really bad stomach ache immediately after eating grapes. I Googled it because of course I did, and I found out that both grapes and cherries (and I was eating both, but the stomach ache came after eating the grapes. I ate the cherries after) can cause cramps and diarrhea for different reasons. Part of it is ramping up the fiber so quickly, and there’s also a question of fructose with grapes. Either way, it means I probably won’t eat as many grapes in the future. I may have to try other fruits so they’ll be less irritating on my stomach.

I also had problems after eating bananas, which is frustrating. I’m trying to be healthier, and my body just doesn’t appreciate it! Oranges are not a problem. Neither are blackberries. I really like pomegranates, but they’re such a pain in the ass to peel. Mangoes are tasty, but they irritate my tongue. Same with pineapple. I should eat more melons; I’ve never had a problem with them.

Moving on. I try not to get pulled into what this president is tweeting because there’s no point in it, but others will RT him, and I can’t avoid him completely, as much as I’d like to. He’s been at the G20 (gulp), and he had Ivanka sit in for him at some meeting. Again, I’m not paying really close attention, but that was enough to make me wince. She’s not qualified to be doing anything at the G20, but that’s this president’s mentality to a T. He doesn’t care about qualifications at all, and if he likes you, that’s the only qualification needed.

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