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Too Tired to Think–and Dark Souls III

I’m writing this on Christmas, and I’m feeling out of sorts. Not as bad as in past years, but there’s still a vague ‘I should be celebrating, but I’m not, and that makes me a bad person.” As I said, it’s much more subdued than it has been in past years, but it’s still there. I like to say I’m immune to advertising*, but there is still enough societal pressure that makes me low-key feel bad for not celebrating.

I still feel like shit with congestion and cotton in my brain. My ears are scabby and gross, and if I pick the scabs (I know, I know), pus oozes out. My lymph node is almost not-swollen any more, which is good, and it’s barely tender. I’m still going to go to the doc after the holidays, though, because I need to get a grip on this. I also need to get my thyroid meds checked, which may help with the sinus crap.

It’s been almost a year since I’ve cut out gluten and dairy, and I can honestly say I don’t miss it–except for cheese. God, I love cheese, but it doesn’t love me back. As Tim Minchin says, “I cannot Camembert any more.”

Why does cheese have to be so goddamn delicious???? And why is it so hard to duplicate? “I love cheese, but it’s plain to see, that cheese doesn’t love me. I am such a fool in love; I just cannot get enough, but it’s an unrequited love!” Sing it, Tim! The rest of it, though? Not. I’ve gone back to my Taiwanese roots and reacquainted myself with rice. Which, by the way, smells so delicious while cooking. And, PSA: rice cooker all the way for a perfect cook every time. Anyway, rice is way tastier than bread, and it’s way more versatile. I’ve also discovered non-gluten tortillas, bread, and bagels which are all nearly as good as the originals.

So, I’ve been getting back to my Dark Souls roots, and I finished The Ringed City with my tank on NG+++. I beat all the bosses with the help of friendly phantoms (shout-out to my other Souls kindred who are still playing DS III on NG+++), including the final boss, Slave Knight Gael. I had resigned myself to beating him solo with my poisoned Ultra Greatsword +10 and my Irithyll Straight Sword +5 after a couple dozen tries, but Nameless showed up to help me out. Thanks, sis/bro! It took us two tries, and I feel really bad that they died in the last minute of the fight, thus not getting their humanity, but we were Ultra Greatsword bros to the end! They were wielding it two-handed and had the Ethereal Oak Shield (from the first DLC) on their back to slowly regen their health. They also had the Tears of Denial spell going on, which allows you to ‘die’ once, which is invaluable. I have it on all the time.

Anyway, I took out the Half-Spear, Midir, and Gael last night with the help of friends, and it was glorious. I love co-op like I never thought possible, and I have Embers for DAYS to spend on summoning them. I started NG++++ (yes, I’m that person now), and I wrecked Iudex Gundyr with my Lorian’s Greatsword +5 without breaking a sweat. I think NG pluses are easier than NG because I’m so leveled up now, I have almost everything I could possibly need. The enemies are harder, but not that much so, and I’ve cruised through NG pluses with little problem. It’s much different in Bloodborne. NG+ is HARD, and I heard that it’s much harder in the beginning than it is later on. Dunno why, but it’s true. I haven’t gotten that far into NG+, but I might get back to it.

I think I’m going to binge-watch Poirot at some point today. I also think I might want to incorporate him into a novel, but I’m not ready to talk about it just yet.




*I know it’s not completely true–nobody is totally immune.

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