Underneath my yellow skin

All the ginger tea in the world

Back at home with Shadow on my legs. Had a great time in Philly with my BFF, but traveling is not fun at all if you’re flying basic economy. I got a really good price, but that meant I didn’t get to choose my seat and I couldn’t check any bags for free. I don’t are about the bags, but I do care about the seat. I get the aisle when I can for many reasons, but I knew I’d be in the middle. It was only a two-hour nonstop flight, though, so I didn’t care as much about it for that flight. It was really uncomfortable, though, and one of the reasons I get the aisle seat is because I have bathroom issues. When I am confined, I have to pee more often. I do not know why, but that’s how it goes. I hate asking others to move which is why I get the aisle seat.  Fortunately, the guy in the aisle seat next to me (very nice guy, btw) had to go to the bathroom once so I went when he did.

Flying to Philly was a breeze. I also had my first Lyft ride because of a mix up with my brother. It was interesting. He was from Kenya, and we had a very spirited discussion about America, capitalism, and snow. Anyway, shout-out to Delta for making the flight out as painless as possible. They even had Kind bars as a snack option, which means I could actually have one. I brought five with me as my emergency snack.

On the way back was a different matter. It was a Sun Country flight, and when I went to check in, I had to pay $35 to have one overhead bag. Excuse me, what? I have come to accept that check in bags cost extra, but overhead bags???? On a flight back? That just seems sneaky and wrong to me. I also had to pay for a seat–or at least that was how they presented it. Maybe it was if I didn’t choose, they’d give me the worst seat ever. However, I chose a seat, and the screen made it seem like the plane was more than half-empty–which it wasn’t. I didn’t check in that early, either, so I don’t know what’s up with that. I did get an aisle seat at least, so there’s that.

I also have to say that the night before I went home, we went to get Indian food. There was an appetizer called Cauliflower Bezule that was both DF and GF, and I decided to give it a try after my bestie said it was really good. It was fucking amazing. Here is a Yelp! picture of it. I couldn’t stop talking about it all dinner, but the cramps started as soon as I got back to my BFF’s house. It lasted all night and into the next morning, and I would do it again because the cauliflower was that fucking good. However, that meant I had to worry about the flight home. More on that in a sec.

We were sitting on the plane, idling, and not going anywhere. This is not a good sign. Ideally, once you’re in the plane and everyone is belted in, you should be off in five minutes. In this case, ten minutes went by. Then another five. Then, the pilot came on and said that there was an unexplained light on which meant we had to go back to the gate so the crew can look at it and sign off on it. Ok, fine, but what if it meant we had to switch planes? The pilot said it should be twenty minutes or so. Which, again, fine, but what if something was wrong?

Oh! One thing I didn’t mention. The plane was mostly full, and I was squeezed in uncomfortably close to the woman next to me. Even in an aisle seat, I felt so restricted. Fortunately, the airline steward came over to me and told me that there was an empty row. She said I could switch once the seat belt sign turned off. Once the pilot said it would be a twenty minute wait, I went to the row and streeeeeetched out. I put my laptop and purse under the seat next to me and luxuriated in having a row to myself.

He was right, though. It was roughly twenty minutes before we got going, and the flight itself was smooth. We landed roughly an hour after we were supposed to, which put me in the Surge zone for Lyft. That was another worry. I didn’t understand how it worked (it turned out easy), but I bypassed it because I would have to wait for at least a half hour. I took a cab and called it a day. Shadow yelled at me for a solid fifteen minutes for being away, and then we settled back into our routine.

I’ve realized that flying has gotten even shittier over the years, and it’s actively unpleasant these days. The flight itself? Not a problem. It’s everything surrounding the whole rigmarole. I’m glad to be home, but I already miss my BFF.

A note. Her hubby had a very bad cold while I was there. I could tell it was bad because he turned the heat up, and normally, he’s the same way I am about the heat. Then, the day before I left, my BFF’s daughter looked like she might be catching a cold as well. I hope I managed to avoid the plague!


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