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I’ve started my elimination diet–or rather, the opposite of an elimination diet. The targeted diet, or as I’m calling it, “I eat what the fuck I want” diet. Within reason. I’m not tackling dairy or gluten yet–by the way, when I told my doctor I had cut them out, she said it wouldn’t be possible to test for an allergy/sensitivity because I needed to have it in my system in order to test for it. The point of this diet is to eat copious amounts of the things I think I might be sensitive to and see how I react. Right now, I’m eating a ton of hummus (garlic), and I’ve noticed that my reaction at first is a slight breathing shortage and a fuzziness inside. It’s a very mild reaction, much like when I drank alcohol. There are two tubs of hummus, one that is just roasted garlic, and the other that is ‘everything’, which means onion, garlic, and sesame seeds. Yesterday, after eating a bunch of hummus feeling slightly uncomfortable, I suddenly felt really uncomfortable. More inside fuzziness and more shortness of breath.

I should note that I’m using carrots as the vehicle for the hummus. I have found that I have a slight reaction to carrots in the past as well. My next test will be to eat the hummus on something¬† else–or alone, but it’s not as tasty alone. Now, I’m eating it on potato chips, which is surprisingly tasty. I think I’m pretty clear on being sensitive to something in hummus, and the next step will be to isolate what it is.

Side Note: The reason I’m doing a targeted attack rather than an elimination diet is because I want to figure it out as soon as possible rather than take months to figure it out. It’s a bit of a crapshoot (pun intended) because I might be overlooking something, and then I’d have to do an elimination diet, anyway. This is how I Google, by the way. I put in as much information as possible, then I widen the search as needed. My brother and I had a friendly disagreement about this because he put in very general terms and narrowed as he went. He said he’d rather be the one to narrow things down than let Google do it for him. This was years ago, and funnily enough, I asked him about it maybe six months ago, and he had switched to my way of Googling.

It’s the same thing I’m doing with this diet. I’m going after the obvious culprits first in the hopes for a quick and dirty solution. It’s day two, and I’ve already determined that there’s something in the hummus that I need to watch out for. Garlic and onion are both on the FODMAP diet list. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s one of the them that is causing the problem. I need to try more of the black bean hummus to see if it causes the same problems. If it does, then it’s garlic or sesame. If it doesn’t, then it’s chickpeas and/or onions.

I also bought two of the tofu scramble burritos and had one yesterday with fake cheeze. It did not seem to affect me much, and at no point yesterday did I have to race for the toilet. That’s not to say I didn’t have some digestive issues, but at least it wasn’t diarrhea. Another problem is that I may figure out that I’m sensitive to certain things, but not pinpoint what is causing the sudden diarrhea.

That’s a positive, of course, but I really want to know what it is that is causing the race for the toilet. I know what I have to do, but I am resisting it with all my might. I need to cook or at least eat foods that are singular units and not a combination of things.

Oh! One of my FB friends, Jeff, said that he did the FODMAP diet for six months, and it was brutal. He added that kefir helped with probiotics and rebuilding gut flora. I Googled it a bit, and it’s supposed to be a way to maybe overcome lactose intolerance. He said he can eat whatever he wants now. I want to give it a try, but I couldn’t find it at my Cubs. I’ll have to make a special run to the co-op, which I haven’t been to since my taiji studio changed locations. I know they have kefir because I have seen it several times without ever trying it.

Right now, I’m test-driving chocolate oat milk. This isn’t part of the testing for sensitivities, but just to try another kind of alternative milk. It’s thicker than other milks and creamier. It had a weird feel in my throat at first, but now, I like it. It’s like a milkshake without the shake part, and it’s really tasty heated up. My Cubs also re-introduced a line of gluten-free/dairy-free baked goods that had been absent for a month or two. I celebrated by buying a pack of mini frosted cupcakes.

I’ve been waking up on the edge of a migraine for the past few days. I’ve been able to stave it off with my Excedrin, but there’s a slight pressure behind my eyes that warns me that a migraine dances behind the curtain. My brain is throbbing as well, which is not a good sign. I’m wondering if this is just my life now, though. I don’t know. I also am wondering if I should get my flu shot this year. I haven’t in the past for a few reasons, and my doctor shamed me about it the last time I saw her. She’s not wrong, and I’m considering getting one this year for the first time in years.

The problem is, I have been under the weather in one way or another for the last month or two. I know you have to be in fairly good health in order to get the flu shot, and I know that I don’t want to suffer the negative reaction (which I know I will have) if I’m already sick. I don’t know what the sweet spot is for this kind of thing.

I’ll keep you updated on my targeted diet, and hopefully, I’ll be able to figure out what is causing the runs without needing to do the FODMAP. I can but hope.

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