Underneath my yellow skin

Sad sigh happy sigh WTF 2020

I spent too much time in the bathroom last night. I’m doubly mad because it was because of something I’ve eaten before. I’m guessing because I haven’t eaten anything new. What is the food? Sweet corn. I think. Maybe it was the eggs I made earlier? Could be, but I doubt it. I really hope it’s not eggs because I love them so much. I like sweet corn, too, but not as much. Here’s the thing. I’ve been eating sweet corn for a week or two with no problem. Last night, I decided to steam about eight ounces and eat that. Half yellow and half white. The yellow was the old bag and white was the new. I had eaten half the old bag with no issue. I ate the corn no problem, then less than an hour later, I was sitting on the toilet thinking nasty thoughts about corn and my digestive system in general.

Today, I Googled IBS and sweet corn. It’s considered a high FODMAP food in large amounts. This is for fresh, which is probably the same for frozen. What is considered low FODMAP? Half an ear of corn. Roughly one ounce. Well.

Can I say how pissed I am that fruits and vegetables are becoming such a pain in my ass–literally–in my forties? I had it hammered into me as a young girl to eat my five servings a day. Fruits and vegetables are good for you! They are the best! You have to eat them for your vitamins! Fine and dandy until they bite back. So far, I have issues with grapes, apples, plums, berries, and ripe bananas–which, by the way, is the way I like them. I can only eat barely ripe bananas now, which I’m not happy about.

Vegetable-wise, cauliflower, garlic, and onion are on the no-go list. You know, it might not be the sweet corn. Maybe it’s the pickled asparagus spears. I had eaten them the day before as well, though. I just looked it up. Asparagus is also a High FODMAP food. *sigh*.

Oh! I read that there is a low level of arsenic in rice. Really?

There’s a part of me that just doesn’t want to eat any longer. It’s so difficult and I hate having to spend hours in the bathroom. I could test the sweet corn hypothesis, but my body recoils at doing it. I probably will because I’m cheap like that but also because I really don’t want to have to cut out sweet con/corn if I don’t have to.

You know what? I’ve had issues eating popcorn before, but nothing that was too severe. Just some stomach pain. Nothing too bad so I just dismissed it. But, given this new information, corn may be on The List.

I’m so mad! I’m just trying to be healthy by eating more vegetables and my body is not having any of it. Well, not having some of it. Irritates the fuck out of me. What could be healthier than steamed veggies? At least, that’s the way it should be.

We’re supposed to get 4-7 inches of snow. It’s supposed to be snowing now. It is, kinda, but it’s not sticking. No way we’re getting that much snow. Two days ago, it was 72 degrees. Last night, it was 31. Now it’s supposed to be snowing. If I didn’t know we were supposed to get snow, I wouldn’t be upset about the lack of it, obviously. Now that I know we’re supposed to get 4-7 inches, I’m salty.

None of it is sticking and everything is brown. That makes me grumpy.

The election: I still haven’t really taken it in yet. I mean, we all knew this president was not going to be gracious in defeat. Hell, he wasn’t gracious in winning so this was a no-brainer. I saw a tweet about how those who hadn’t had to break up with a narcissist, welcome or something like that. I wanted to respond with, “You’re never done with a narcissist–you have to wait until they decide they’re done with you.” It’s different in a political situation, of course, because there are legal ways of dealing with it that you don’t have in romantic relationship (or rather, they’re more likely to stick in this case than in personal cases), but the process is the same. Outrage and attack by the narcissist. Denial that it’s happening. In the case of this president, suing. He’s already doing that.

When it becomes clear that, yes, he does have to move out of the White House, it’s going to get even nastier. I would not be surprised if he tries to squat (I doubt he’ll ever actually concede) until he has to be physically removed. Or, the opposite–he refuses to do anything starting now. Wait, how is that any different than the last four years?

Has it really been almost four years? I honestly thought he would either quit or die in the first year; I really wish he had. He never wanted the job. The prestige and the power? Yes. The attention? Yes. But the job itself? No. It was clear how miserable he was. I have a feeling he only ran again because he would lose face if he didn’t.

Which brings me to the fact that he actually lost.


That’s pretty much all I have to say about that.

Not really.

I saw another tweet that said something about doing your job so that everyone isn’t dancing in the street when you get fired.

It’s really hard to put into words what it felt to the people who felt battered, beleaguered, and bruised under the current presidency when they–we–found out that we would be freed in two months. This election was not like any other and the reaction demonstrated that difference.

I’m still not able to fully convey the sense of relief I had when I read the election had been called for Biden/Harris. I don’t know if I ever will.


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