Underneath my yellow skin

Gonna make me sweat

The full crud hit me on Thursday, and I’ve been slogging through it ever since. I spent Thursday, Friday, and Saturday feeling like complete and utter shit. Today (Sunday), I woke up feeling a bit better, and I’m hoping it means that I’m on the tail end of this thing, or at least the legs of it. I’ve taken Excedrin Migraine (generic version) every day since then, and it’s helped stave off the incipient migraine.

Side note: I go back and forth about calling what I get migraines because there are a lot of people who are elitist about migraines. “Oh, you think that’s bad? I can’t get out of bed for three days and have to lie in complete darkness and stillness with a cold towel over my face the entire time.” “Migraine medication? How lucky that it works for you. It doesn’t help me at all.” I know there are a variety of migraines, but I’m still chary because I don’t want to have to listen to a harangue about why what I have isn’t a migraine. But, I know it is. I get nauseated, and everything starts turning gray. I feel as if I have a steel band closing around my forehead, and if I’m lucky to catch it in time with the Excedrin, then I’ll just feel the mild effects for a few hours as they slowly dissipate.

I haven’t been able to do much other than watch videos, go to Cubs, and play Monster Hunter World. I’m starting to get serious about the end game of MHW. I’ve allowed Nergigante to build up in my mind, and now I’ve freaked myself the fuck out. I still can’t get out of Dark Souls mode of thinking that each monster is a Boss (with a capital B), which means I dread each fight. It doesn’t matter that I don’t die against the monsters nearly as much as I die against the bosses in the Souls series–I still equate the two.

It’s hard for me to answer whether or not I’m still enjoying the game. I am, but there’s an accompanying sense of dread/resentment/obligation. There is just so much to do, and when I unlock additional quests, I’m more, “Oh, not more shit to do” rather than “Hell, yeah!”

It’s also hard for me to gauge how I’m doing because I only play solo. I’ve fainted maybe a total of a dozen times, and have failed a quest because of being carted three times twice (LR Diablos and LR Kirin, but as I have pointed out several times, one of the cartings on Kirin was because of a glitch/lag). I don’t think that’s so bad, but I don’t know because again, I don’t play with other people.

I finally sucked it up and did the Redefining the Power Couple quest (hunting a Rathian and a Rathalos at the same time), and it wasn’t bad at all. I’m three stars above it (8 vs. 5), but I still expected them to give me more trouble than they did. Also, Level 3 Poison Resistance doesn’t mean you can’t get poison despite the item description. It just means you have much less of a chance of getting poisoned. How do I know? I got poisoned twice by Rathalos (I think. Might have been Rathian).

There was one exciting moment in which they were fighting each other like they were having a lovers’ spat, and I just watched from a safe distance. Except, they wouldn’t leave each other alone, and I didn’t want either of them to regen health/stamina. I threw dung at them, and it hit Rathalos–the one I had been fighting. After he left, i decided to take on Rathian first. I had little trouble with her once Rathalos was gone and soon captured her. Then I went to take on her boyfriend and finish the quest.

Once I did, I got the Bandit Mantle, which, when you put it on, allows you to break off parts of monsters that are exclusively for selling. I tried it during a fight with Tobi, and, yeah, I missed my Vitality Mantle. It’s so good, I can’t see wearing anything else. In addition, I have roughly 400,000 monies, so I’m not hurting for cash. I’ve farmed the shit out of the game, and I  haven’t made that much armor. I assume that’ll change at some point, but I’m good so far. I’ll save the Bandit Mantle for times when I’m just fucking around against monsters I don’t fear at all (which I do to periodically test other weapons) like the Great Jagras.

I’m of two minds as to which path I want to go down. Path one: finish up all the 6 and 7-star quests before taking on Nergigante. Path two: take on Nergigante now. I’ve built him up in my mind so much, he seems like he can’t be beat. I watched Casey beat him (again. Watched her again, not her beating him again, though she’s beaten him several times) in twenty minutes with her beloved Sword and Shield. She didn’t even break a sweat, and she was never in serious trouble. She made him look like chump change, and she did it with gear you could get before fighting him. Well, mostly, and the one piece that came from him (which she forgot and someone else pointed out in the comments that the Dragonking Eyepatch came from Nergigante, and she said she used her Strategist Spectacles the first time she fought him, which gives Critical Eye) can be easily replaced.

I’m tired. We had 91 ‘real feel’ 97 yesterday, which did not help at all. It’s 84 ‘real feel’ 89 right now, which is disgusting. As I said above, I feel a tad better today than I have in the last few days, and I’m hoping to feel even better soon.

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