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Looking For the End Game

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Still sick. Still grumpy. Still worn-out. Had the trots the other night for a solid (ha! Sorry fo the TMI) twenty minutes, and it was exhausting. I’m wondering if there’s another food I’m sensitive to or if some gluten and or dairy had crept into something I ate. It’s snowing lightly, which makes me happy.

Anyway, I’ve been playing more Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!, and I have to say although it pains me, the end game isn’t great. I really hate to say it because I love this game and the original as well, but it just peters out instead of ending with a bang. One of my main complaints about the first game is how grindy it was in order to complete each level and get another star. You had to finish twenty days along with several objects, and what usually ended up happening was that I’d finish the other objectives around day eight or nine, and then would have to just play the other days to finish the level. It was tedious, and apparently, other people felt it, too. I appreciate getting rid of the set number of days in order to level (it’s now based on XP), but it doesn’t take away the grinding.

Actually, come to think of it, I think I prefer having the set days rather than experience points. I hate being so ungrateful because it’s clear David Galindo (the developer) really listened to CSD fans, but I don’t think his solution was a hard improvement. The endless day in ‘my’ restaurant feels formless and vaguely unsatisfying. I liked getting restaurant improvements when I got another star in the original game, but I really like playing around with the designer in CSD!2!! as well.

The problem is that now I’m at the end game, there really isn’t much reason to play any longer. I have two achievements I could shoot for, but I’m pretty certain I will never get one of them, and I probably won’t get the other. I reached 10 stars, and nothing happened. I mean, I got the usual loot crate items (which I still like), but nothing else. That was deflating, especially as they hinted that it was a big deal when I reached 5 stars. Now, I can’t level up any longer. I also found a really easy way to cheese getting XP.

So, what’s left to do? All the shifts in the Chef For Hire restaurants. Which, fine, I guess, but it’s not really that much of an incentive for me to continue playing. I want to emphasize that I still love the game and think it’s well-worth buying, but I just wish the end game could have been better.

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