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Looking For the End Game

try the lasagna. it's great!
My funky colorful Italian-themed restaurant

Still sick. Still grumpy. Still worn-out. Had the trots the other night for a solid (ha! Sorry fo the TMI) twenty minutes, and it was exhausting. I’m wondering if there’s another food I’m sensitive to or if some gluten and or dairy had crept into something I ate. It’s snowing lightly, which makes me happy.

Anyway, I’ve been playing more Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!!, and I have to say although it pains me, the end game isn’t great. I really hate to say it because I love this game and the original as well, but it just peters out instead of ending with a bang. One of my main complaints about the first game is how grindy it was in order to complete each level and get another star. You had to finish twenty days along with several objects, and what usually ended up happening was that I’d finish the other objectives around day eight or nine, and then would have to just play the other days to finish the level. It was tedious, and apparently, other people felt it, too. I appreciate getting rid of the set number of days in order to level (it’s now based on XP), but it doesn’t take away the grinding.

Actually, come to think of it, I think I prefer having the set days rather than experience points. I hate being so ungrateful because it’s clear David Galindo (the developer) really listened to CSD fans, but I don’t think his solution was a hard improvement. The endless day in ‘my’ restaurant feels formless and vaguely unsatisfying. I liked getting restaurant improvements when I got another star in the original game, but I really like playing around with the designer in CSD!2!! as well.

The problem is that now I’m at the end game, there really isn’t much reason to play any longer. I have two achievements I could shoot for, but I’m pretty certain I will never get one of them, and I probably won’t get the other. I reached 10 stars, and nothing happened. I mean, I got the usual loot crate items (which I still like), but nothing else. That was deflating, especially as they hinted that it was a big deal when I reached 5 stars. Now, I can’t level up any longer. I also found a really easy way to cheese getting XP.

So, what’s left to do? All the shifts in the Chef For Hire restaurants. Which, fine, I guess, but it’s not really that much of an incentive for me to continue playing. I want to emphasize that I still love the game and think it’s well-worth buying, but I just wish the end game could have been better.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! A Deeper Look

This is my way of playing video games. I find one that I really like, then I play the hell out of it until I’m done with it. The first game I played was Torchlight, and I gulped it down from beginning to end. I loved the hell out of my player-character, The Vanquisher, in part because she looked Asian if you squint. Mostly, though, it was just as fun as hell, and I played it for hours on end. It’s the same with Torchlight 2 (not quite as good, though I’m in the minority for saying so), Borderlands 1 and 2 (with all the DLC, but I didn’t finish all the DLC for the second game because I got burned out), Diablo 3, all the Dark Souls

By the way, I am excited beyond belief, and a touch freaked out, because I just bought a used PS4 at a really good price FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF PLAYING BLOODBORNE. I know this is what a crazy person does, but I’m a huge Miyazaki fangrrl, and once the opportunity was presented to me, I couldn’t resist. I know this game is going to kick my ass because the shield is a no-go and magic is not really viable until the end-game, but I know I’m going to soak up every brutal moment of it.

My point in mentioning it is that I’m going to play the shit out of Bloodborne, even if it kills me, which it will. Many times. Over and over. I got the super-deluxe complete uber edition, which means the hard-as-balls DLC, The Old Hunters. In a series known for how difficult it is, the BB DLC is perhaps the hardest of the lot.

I played Salt and Sanctuary compulsively until I beat it, and then I started a melee build and made it about two-thirds of the way through before I was done. Goddamn Witch of the Lake ruined me as a melee character.  In fact, the bosses are much harder to fight as a melee character than as a caster. I did beat her, but I was just Done.

The other game I played obsessively was Cook, Serve, Delicious! , which is goddamn fucking addictive. The sequel was announced waaaaay back in 2014 or 2015, and I was unbelievably hyped about the sequel. It kept getting delayed, and I was afraid it would never get published. Well, it finally came out, and I wrote about my quick impressions after playing it for several hours in less than two days. There weren’t many reviews of it because it’s really niche, but Northernlion (he’s the one who turned me on to the original) did a Let’s Look At of it that was mostly positive.

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Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! My First Impressions


gussing up my joint.
My first restaurant, looking pretty swanky.

Cook, Serve, Delicious! is one of my all-time favorite games. I wasn’t interested in it when it first came out because it’s a hardcore cooking sims game. I like time management games, and I like cooking games, but it didn’t seem like it’d be up my alley. Then, I saw a review of it by Northernlion, and he and his friends played it on the NLSS. It caught my eye, and I bought it on sale. I was immediately hooked, and I played the shit out of it. It’s a fast-paced typing/memorization game, and there is a bit of a management component to it, and it’s totally addictive. It’s the only game I’ve 100%ed (before the developer, David Galindo, @chubigans on the Twitter Machine, added new free DLC to the game), and I’m still inordinately proud of that achievement.

Galindo announced the sequel, Cook, Serve, Delicious! 2!! sometime last year or the year before. I was hyped as fuck and played the original in anticipation of the release. Then, time went on, and the release kept getting delayed. I was sad, then I’d get happy when the next release date was announced, even if it was ‘summer of 2017’. When an actual date was announced (August something, can’t remember), I might have literally squealed out loud. However, it got pushed back one more time, and I was afraid it would never be released.

When it was announced that it would be released on September 13th, I was cautiously optimistic. I mean, I wanted it to be true with all my heart, but I had been disappointed so many times before, I didn’t want to get too excited about it just in case it was going to be delayed one more time. However, I was adrift because I had played the fuck out of all the Dark Souls games, and I didn’t want to play Salt and Sanctuary any longer, so what was I supposed to do for my new game?

Yesterday, I had Ian keep me updated on tweets by chubigans because it was my social media day off. Galindo was frantic trying to get the game finished (and had threats of internet outages plaguing him as he was doing so), and I kept refreshing the Steam store page to see if it has been released, but nothing. Galindo said it would be released between four and five CST (hey, homeboy!), but it wasn’t.  I  was getting desperate when it finally released, and I bought it before it had been on Steam for even a minute. I waited impatiently for it to install, which it did fairly quickly.

Once it was in my machine, I suddenly became reluctant to play it. What if it didn’t live up to the first game and the hype? What if I hated it? What if I was completely disappointed by it? This was my second most highly-anticipated sequel of this year (after Dark Souls III. OK, that was last year, but the last DLC was this year), and I wanted it to be my everything. I wasted fifteen minutes pointedly avoiding the game, but then I finally womanned up and started it up.
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