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Tales of the Neon Sea? More like Tails!

I’ve been playing more Tales of the Neon Sea by Palm Pioneer and am completely charmed by it. I wrote about my initial hesitations, but I’m all in. Why? Because of the cats, bay-beeeee! Also, murder mystery that is being handled well so far. I’m only two hours in, but I’m loving every second of it. Well, not every second, but most of them. I’ll get to that in a minute.

Let’s start with the murder mystery part. i have tried for years to find a murder mystery video game that I liked to no avail. I’ve played almost all of the critically-acclaimed Sherlock Holmes games, and not to put too fine a point on it, I hate them. I know this is a me-thing and probably because I had specific expectations for the game which were not in any way fulfilled. I wanted to be able to deduce and figure out murder mysteries. Instead, I had to do a bunch of typical point-n-click games like how to cross planks atop a building in order to get to the other side but some are crumbling. Plus, the trope of seeing a thing that you KNOW you’ll need at some point, but you can’t pick up yet. Everything I did took away from the mystery aspect and I never finished one of those games.

I also tried the Poirot game because I am a HUGE Poirot fan. But,  it was a crashing disappointment and I didn’t finish that one, either. I loved Paradise Killer, but it made me constantly nauseous and had to finally, reluctantly, quit. I played several point-n-clicks and fell off all of them sooner or later. The one that hurt the most was Kathy Rain. It was so great for the first two-thirds of it (as long as I ignored the usual point-n-click bullshit like endless backtracking and esoteric puzzles that only make sense if you’re high as a kite when you try to solve them) as a retro ’80s feel to it with a strong female protagonist. Badass who smoked cigarettes and drove a motorbike. There was an interesting story about her mother going crazy and her searching for answers. Her father disappeared and it was really building up to be something special.

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Running with the dogs

eternal side-eye.
M’s proxy is judging you.

I am not a dog person. At all. I didn’t grow up with them except that the neighbor always had a dog, a golden lab or retriever, that they never really wanted, but thought they were supposed to have. They kept it outside almost all the time, and it barked constantly. It broke free from its tethers and bit my brother when we were in our twenties. He had to get many stitches, and that’s been my impression of dogs that has lasted ever since. I’ve known several great dogs, but I haven’t had to interact with them for more than a few hours. I’m visiting Ian and his fiancee now, and they have two dogs.

F is a mixture of black lab and hound dog, and she’s roughly eighty pounds. M is a Boston Terrier who is little, but fierce. She holds her own with F; in fact, she’s alpha as far as the dogs go. It’s funny to see F cavort around M, bothering her until M puts her paw down. Then, F immediately backs down and looks at her sister with large, beseeching eyes.

I was nervous meeting them because I don’t know what to do with dogs. Cats, I know. You chill out and let them meet you on their own terms, and it’s fine. Dogs? I had no idea. Did you try to befriend them? Did you do the same thing as cats? I simply did not know.

In reality, it was fairly simple–I followed their cues. With F, she immediately barked happily and jumped at me (not on me, but close), and I gave her plenty of pets. She snuffled happily and pranced around me like a dressage horse. She would follow me around like she was my personal guard dog, and it was kinda funny. M, on the other hand, hung back and just watched. I respected her and did not try to force the issue. I held out my hand, but when she ignored it, I backed off. In a fairly short amount of time, she came up to me and allowed me to pet her. She’s also licked my thigh (over my leggings) and followed me around a bit, too. In fact, Ian’s fiancee, T, commented she was impressed how bold M was being with me. I laughed and said it’s because I was treating her like a cat and respecting her boundaries.

It’s been good to exist with dogs for several days. They’ve taken away a lot of my fears about dogs even as I recognize that they are exceptionally sweet dogs. F is a big galoot at times, but she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. When she looks at me with her big, trusting eyes, I just want to cradle her from all the harms of the world. M, on the other hand, has a habit of rolling her eyes at her sister or give her a massive side-eye, which I think is hilarious. It’s also just the way her face is structured as Boston Terriers always look like their exasperated/worried. She also trembles, which makes me anthropomorphize her into thinking she’s anxious. She’s a mama’s girl and sticks mostly with T when T is home, but she’ll hang out with me and Ian when T is at work.

Another cute habit of M’s is that she enthusiastically licks my fingers, but from a distance. She’ll also demands pets from just outside my reach, and I’ll have to lean in order to skritch behind her ears. She sits like a proper lady when she’s in repose, and then she’ll do an epic side-eye, which is so at odds with her prim posture. She looks so tiny next to F, but she’s a solid twenty-five pounds. She’s dense (in terms of body build), and I love the way she clickety-clacks quickly across the floor when she walks. F kind of clambers as she walks, and she’s bodied me as I try to walk by her. She thinks she’s the size of Matilda when she is triple the size, and it’s funny to watch.

M is a wise old soul who is always observing everything around her. She is above the fray until she takes it into her head to troll her sister. She’ll give the eye, then go fetch the tug rope and taunt F with it. Then, they’ll play tug-of-war until M puts her paw down. She’ll put down the rope and just stand over it. F will look at it, but not dare to touch it. When she musters her courage enough to make a move for the rope, M body-blocks her and F runs off. It’s hilarious to watch because F could trounce all over M if she wanted, but she is convinced that M is her superior.

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I’m So Tired, But I Can’t Sleep

Day whatever of being sick. Feeling a little better, but still drained. Despite the title of this post, I’ve gotten some sleep. Probably more than I do on a regular basis, but I’m still so tired. All my worst traits come out when I’m sick. I’m cranky; I’m grumpy; I’m morose; I’m depressed. I don’t want to move, and my brain races at a million miles an hour. I just want it all to go away. I just want ME to go away. Until then, I’ll remain on the couch with my boys and incessant Criminal Minds episodes.

Here’s a video of Shironeko (white cat with orange patches on the top of his head, second from the right) and friends. Enjoy.