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This is why I play FromSoft games–Sekiro edition


Ed. Note: This post is going to be focused on one boss, so it will be absolutely littered with spoilers. Not just vague spoilers, but very specific spoilers. Be forewarned that if you read this, story beats will be spoiled along with a major boss–and, incidentally, an earlier boss. Here ends your warning. 

i am not ready for genichiro.
I’ve been through some shit, yo.

Let’s talk more about Sekiro. The last time we met, I was saying what I liked and didn’t like about the game. Since then (was it really only two days ago?), I have played more of the game, and I have more to share. Buckle in, folks. It’s going to be a long ride.

There is a rhythm to FromSoft games and there is also a rhythm to my reaction at different points playing the game. I’ve said before that I tend to gorge on the games when I play, which means that I can be glutted well before I’m through. When I’m playing a FromSoft game, it’s the biggest thing on my mind at any given time. I think about it even when I’m not playing, It’s an obsession, both in a positive and a negative way.

When I was writing the last post, I was in the middle of the phase I call, “I’m sick of the bullshit, but I can’t stop playing.” The night before (or that night. I can’t remember which), I ended the day having three bosses/mini-bosses on my plate, with two of them thoroughly kicking my ass. That would be the two MINI-BOSSES. The third one, a real boss, I faced once and then noped the hell out of there. I ended that session feeling really shitty about the game and myself, and I didn’t know if I wanted to continue playing. I knew I had to do a bit of a mind-shift in order to continue playing, and I did. One thing I needed to do was use the prosthetics more often and more efficiently. I also looked up each of the mini-bosses just to see if I was missing anything. I wasn’t really, although I did learn of a way to cheese one of them. I didn’t want to do that, though, unless I absolutely had to.

Side Note: All the mini-bosses have to be killed with two Deathblows. Briefly, you have to break an enemy’s Posture and when you completely break it, you can do a Deathblow as a finisher. For bosses, you have to end each phase with a Deathblow. Some of them, you can cheese by creeping up on them and doing a Deathblow without having to break their Posture by dropping on them or ganking them from behind. I don’t understand why they have two Deathblows if you can always do a stealth one first. It seems like a needless addition, but I guess it’s not something to be really fussed about.

Anyway, I went into each of the mini-bosses with a different attitude, and I killed them both on the first try. I felt pretty good about that, and I decided to tackle the main boss again. Remember I talked in the last post about the tutorial boss who kicked the shit out of me? Keep that in mind as I describe how I stumbled over this boss.

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