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I’m Minding My Body

Still sick. Still grumpy. Feeling an intense headache coming on. ‘Tis the season to be sick, apparently, and I’m just done with it. Unfortunately, it’s not done with me. I’m lying on my couch with my cat, Shadow, on my legs, re-watching The Great British Bake Off, Series 6. I’m sipping my ginger honey lemon tea, and I’m GRUMPY. We got snow last night, so that makes me happy. I love snow so much. Anyway, here’s a video of Maru kneading a pizza whilst nursing on a toy. His sister, Hana, makes an appearance as well. Too cute!

Bonus video of Shironeko (white cat) and his buddy with purple cabbage leafs on their heads. Shironeko is one of the chillest cats I’ve ever seen, and his buddy is very laid-back as well. So cute, and very relaxing as well.

Still Sick

I still feel like a wood chipper is attacking my face, so no post today. Here is Shironeko being used as a pillow by his fellow cats. I wish I had a Shironeko pillow, even if it is ambulatory.


Rinse, Lather, Repeat

Hello, dear readers. I am still feeling cruddy with this flu or whatever. So, again, it’s tea, The Great British Bake Off, and ignoring what’s happening in the world. For your viewing pleasure today, we have Shironeko (white cat with orange spots) and friends watching the snow. Two of my favorite things–cats and snow. Enjoy.