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Chaotic rage

Day whatever in self-isolation, and I’m experiencing some free-floating rage. I think our governor, Governor Walz, has handled it really well–up until two days ago when he loosened some of the restrictions so people could hunt, boat, golf, etc. The anger that overcame me surprised me because I was pretty chill (numb) about the whole pandemic prior to. Well, not with my family, but that’s another story. And, yes, I’ll get into it later. Anyway, when I read that he’d opened things up, my immediate reaction was that he’d caved to the president’s juvenile and inciting behavior about ‘liberating’ blue states.

Side Note: I do not listen, watch, or read anything the president says if I can help it because he’s such a fucking idiot. I honestly think his feed should be cut because he’s actively harming people. I’ve thought this since the beginning of his presidency, and it’s even more dire now.

Anyway, my second uncharitable thought was that this is Minnesota and people will riot (and have) if they can’t hunt and boat. And golf. I actually live on a golf course, and I’ve seen a handful of white dudes playing. Two college-aged ones, then two older ones, then one older older one this morning. The two pairs did not practice safe social distancing, and I was glad to be in my house.

Intellectually, I know it doesn’t matter to me personally because I’m not leaving my house except for smoke breaks. I’ve gone one place in the last three weeks and that was the pharmacy. So, the chances of anything coming to me is remote. Still. We haven’t had our peak yet, and the idea of relaxing the restrictions right now seems unwise. Yes, we’ve done well so far, but what good does it do if it’s not long enough?

To contradict myself, nobody knows what exactly constitutes ‘best practices’. Six-feet distance is the bare minimum, but there have been studies that show the virus can travel up to twice that distance. Gloves don’t really help seem to be the general consensus, but masks? There is a varying belief about the efficacy of them. It doesn’t help that there are different kinds of masks with different levels of resistance. And, of course, there’s a big difference between people like nurses and doctors who are in the trenches and me walking around my neighborhood. What about deliveries? How to deal with that? I read a thread about it on Ask A Manager, and people were all over the map from not disinfecting at all to all sorts of disinfection. The most extreme reaction I read was on another forum about how the person got his mail while wearing rubber gloves, then nuked both the mail and the gloves for thirty seconds in the microwave.

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I had to go to my pharmacy yesterday because I needed my meds. It had been surprisingly painless to get my scrips, and I got the call Monday morning that my prescription was ready for pickup at the pharmacy. First time in…two weeks? Three? Quite some time that I’d interacted with someone not my brother face-to-face.

Before that, however, I had an online taiji Zoom class. It was a form class, which I prefer to the basic taiji classes. My teacher mentioned that the studio was going to be closed for May as well as April (which I think is a good idea), but said that her teacher was hoping once the weather got nicer, classes could be held in a park. My teacher said we would practice six-feet social distancing and all, but I immediately thought, “FUCK, NO.” Six feet is the very minimum, and there are reports that the virus can travel up to a billion feet. I’m exaggerating, obviously, but no one can say exactly how much distancing is safe.

When my brother was over two days ago, we kept roughly 10 feet apart, and I still felt it was too close. I don’t know if I’ll ever feel it’s ok to be close to someone again. Physically, I mean. I’m already wary of getting emotionally close to people, and this isn’t helping. On the other hand,  I’ve talked to my bestie more during the pandemic than we had before. I had been thinking of going to visit her this month because we both have April birthdays, but obviously, that didn’t happen. When all this mess is over, then we’re going to get together and have a big celebration. I don’t care about my birthday, but I do care about her. And, it’s fun to get together regardless of the reason. I also planned on flying out there (Philly) for Halloween because they have a really neat haunted house in an abandon…wanna say jail. Maybe an old insane asylum.

Back to the pharmacy. There were four women working and one other patron in the place. It’s a rather small pharmacy, and there was a yellow police tape (without ‘crime scene’ written on it) across one area so you couldn’t go that way. They also had yellow tape on the ground asking patrons to stay behind that and to keep six feet between people. No one was wearing masks or gloves except me. I was surprised by that and concerned. They had installed Plexiglass to block the person at the counter from the patrons except for the space for the handing over of goods. They had the credit card machine on their side, and they signed for me. Once I got home, I realized that they had only given me one prescription and not the one that was necessary (scalp cream for psoriasis. I have little patches right now). I had to go back, and there was some kind of computer glitch, so I had to wait like ten minutes for them to fix it. The whole time, I was quietly freaking out, but I managed to keep it inside.

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