Underneath my yellow skin

(Un)Healthy, (not) wealthy, and (un)wise

I’m feeling better today, which is a relief. I dragged myself to taiji yesterday, despite feeling like crap, and did just enough. I had a private lesson with my teacher, and near the end of the class, she asked if I wanted to do some Solo Form or some Sword Form. I said, “This will surprise you, but let’s do the Solo Form.” Surprise because I love the Sword Form and still merely tolerate the Solo Form. But, the Sword Form is a weight-bearing activity, and I was simply not up for it. The Solo Form, on the other hand, was gentle (especially the first section, which was what we did) and easy on my aching body.

After class, I picked up a few things at the co-op and then went home. I crashed in the early evening, but I still felt better than before I went to class. Actually, I felt shitty upon awakening (around seven-thirty), and then improved throughout the day. That’s why by noon, I felt (barely) good enough to go to class. Bottom line is that taiji is good for me, but it’s just a matter of having the energy to get there.

When I’m sick, it’s the worst when I first wake up and right before I go to bed. Unless I’m really sick, I generally can maintain throughout the day. That’s why I think it might be allergies along with whatever else I’m fighting. I’m tired of it, so I will actually see a doctor when I can get the energy. This week, next week at the latest. I’m skeptical that she’ll be able to find anything, but ruling out possibilities is just as valuable as finding the actual cause. Or if not as valuable, at least it allows me to focus my worry. Some ideas. It’s an immunodeficiency problem, iron deficiency, chronic fatigue, or fibromyalgia. It could also be a problem with my thyroid medication, but I get that checked every year, and it was stable the last time I checked.

I just did a quick Google, and I’m more convinced than ever it’s allergies. I’m allergic to everything. I’ve recounted before that when I take the allergy test where they put all the allergens on your thigh, my entire thigh swells up like a balloon. My brother and I were talking about the allergy shots we got when we were kids, and all I can remember is how miserable I was after each shot. My arm would swell up and be hot and itchy. My brother couldn’t even get the shots because he didn’t reach the threshold for getting them. The last time he tested for allergies, he got hives.

I’ve cut out dairy and gluten because of my sensitivities. I know they don’t reach the level of allergies, but it’s still not fun to spend a half hour on the toilet every time I eat either. I don’t use any scented products because of allergies, and I can smell most people’s perfume/cologne/body wash from ten feet away. I don’t like how Americans are so obsessed with covering natural smells. I much prefer the smell of of an honest sweat than of the crap people used to cover it up. I don’t use deodorant, and I’ve never had a complaint about it. I also don’t take a shower every day or wash my hair every day.

I recently learned that there are corresponding food allergies to pollen allergies (from the Mayo Clinic). It was an eye opener, and it immediately made sense. I’m allergic to every kind of pollen known to womankind, so if there’s a pollen-food connection, then it makes sense that I’m finding myself increasingly sensitive to different foods. The most frustrating part is figuring out which ones are causing the reactions. I need to do a more scientific study, but I get tired just thinking about it.

Speaking of food, I’ve been talking about the Instant Pot with my brother for the last month or so. He finally bought one, and he said it’s amazing the last time we talked. He was so enthusiastic about it, he tipped me over the edge, and I bought one. It’s supposed to arrive tomorrow, and I’ve been researching recipes. The problem is, I’m dairy-free and gluten-free for health reasons, but I eat most everything else. Do you know how hard it is to find recipes that are only df/gf without any other kind of free? Most of the recipes are also soy-free, egg-free, nut-free, vegetarian, vegan, top 8 free, whole30, paleo, keto, and a whole slew of other things I care not a whit for.

I just want df/gf. Dassit. I eat meat, soy, nuts, and eggs. I enjoy eating all those things. It’s frustrating to try to find recipes that are df/gf, but allow me to eat other things I can and do eat. I know the common-sense answer is to take a recipe that is close to what I need and adapt it, but that assumes I have any kind of cooking skills, which I don’t. I used to bake quite a bit back when I ate everything, but that’s fallen by the wayside, too.

The idea of an instapot (that’s how I pronounce it. Instant Pot is too cumbersome) appeals to me for several reasons. One, I can set it and forget it. Throw something in the pot in the morning and let it go until evening. Two, everything in one pot. How can you beat that? Three, batch cooking. This is a plus/negative thing, however. Cooking enough for the week in one good is a plus, but having to portion out the leftovers and freeze them, not to mention unfreezing each portion before eating is a negative. I don’t think I can overstate how lazy I am, and the additional step is what has kept me from cooking for decades.  Other positives–I don’t have to coordinate the cooking, making sure everything is done at the same time.

In addition, I have been toying with the idea of starting a blog based on cooking as a non-cooker. My brother said he’d set me up so I could take decent pictures, and then I could take everyone along for the humorous ride. Ideally, I’d do video because that’s where the money is at these days, but let’s face it; I’m most comfortable behind the keyboard. I’m anticipating many hilarious mistakes, although given how godlike instapots are, maybe I’ll adapt to using one with no problem.

Anyway, tonight, I’ll be spending a few hours researching gf/df recipes so I can buy what I need tomorrow, then hit the ground running. I guess I should decide what I want to try first. Probably chili.

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