Underneath my yellow skin

A little bit of this, a whole lotta that

Feeling much better, but still exhausted. Arm a bit swollen and sore, but not hot. Was a bit burny earlier this morn (had a wee relapse last night), but that’s gone now. I am ready for a nap, however, and I’ve only been awake for a few hours. Last evening, I had an irresistible urge to sleep and ‘napped’ for four or so hours when I normally would be awake. Still pared down my taiji weapons routine this morning. Still not feeling up to anything but the basics.

Anyhoo! Still playing the hell out of Cozy Grove by Spry Fox. I’ll get to that in a second. I tried out the Resident Evil Village demo, which surprised the fuck out of me because I normally DGAF about Resi games. I know it’s heresy to say, but I don’t find them scary and having come to gaming late, the tank controls are just too damn frustrating. I did try Resi 4 and gave up after an hour or so. It just wasn’t my jam. However. The aesthetics of Resi VIII are right up my alley. Moody, goth, hot vampire ladies? Yes, please. By the way, I find it amusing that Lady D has taken the internet by storm. Yeah, she’s hot and all that, but the over-the-top thirst is, well, outre. I do like that she’s a middle-aged woman who’s not stereotypically hot, but I don’t get the rampant lust over her and her daughters.

I only played ten minutes or so of the demo and five of those minutes were me interacting with the Duke (shopkeeper). Why? Because while I can watch other people play if they’re not whipping the camera around too quickly, the first-person bobbing got to me immediately. I hate it! I really wish I didn’t have these issues with first-person perspective, but there you go. I do like that both Andy (Oxbox) and Aoife (Eurogamer) uploaded reviews and they were diametrically opposing. Andy loved it and the story, thought it was a spiritual successor to Resi 4, and super spooky. Aoife thought the lore was rushed, not scary, and a disappointment to Resi fans who wanted more. Oh, and Andy liked Ethan (main protag) more this game whereas Aoife still found him bland and boring. They both are huge Resi fans. I would love to see them have at it with their opinions.

Returnal is another game that came out this week (Resi VIII is coming out for realsies tomorrow I think? Today by the time this is posted). It’s by Housemarque and I have a weird relationship to it. I thought it looked intriguing when the trailer was first shown. Then, I lost all interest in it. Until I read reviews and saw gameplay. Then, I was interested once again. It’s a brutal Soulslike rogue-like-lite that is set in outer space. The outer space part is why I lost interest. I’m not a sci-fi person at all. But, the biomes look amazing and the main character is fast and fluid. I have read (and seen) that there may be more twitch reactions involved than I can muster up, At any rate, it’s a moot point at the moment since it’s a PS5 exclusive.

Cozy Grove! The one game I’ve been playing consistently. I still have some of the same issues with the game as before (balance issues), but the more I take it for what it is, the more I can just relax into it. One hint to the objectives is looking at the achievements. There is one for finding fish in each of the four seasons. A season is two months with one month rest in between. So they’re talking about an actual year in real time. Will I be playing this game a year from now? Dunno. It’s possible. I highly doubt it’ll be the only game I’m playing a year from now, but I could see dipping into it every day for a few minutes. I do know (also from achievements/badges) that I have met 17 out of the 20 spirit bears I need to help.

Best things about the game: It’s so chill and relaxed. I dip in for half an hour to an hour a day–by the way. I am still befuddled by games journalists cutting down on the amount of time needed for games. They say this is a 20 minutes a day experience, which seems short to me. Then again, I take my time and they have to plow through so that makes a difference. But I’ve learned to double the amount of time they say is needed for a game. Anyway, I like that I have my routine in the game that is the same, but the quests vary from day to day.

I get up (in game) and first harvest all my resources. By this time, that means many trees and bushes. Also rocks. I also like to try to find the relics first off just to be done with it. Then, I go to the bears who have quests for the day. I finish those off before doing a round of fishing (and shell-hunting). I sell off my fish and whatnot to Mr. Kit then look at the haircuts and the clothes. Oh! At the same time as mining for resources, I feed my animals. Anyway, this is my loop. I will do more fishing throughout the day, but in general, this is what I do. Also, I see if I can make any new recipes, but at this point, most of them will take quite some time before I can finish them.

It’s a comforting game. There are deeper messages to be gleaned, but for the most part, it’s a warm-feeling game. I feel as if I’ve slipped on a pair of fuzzy slippers, wrapped myself in a comfy duvet, and am sipping a cup of chamomile tea.

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