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Ain’t no party like a D&D party

that black cat strut!
Best. Game. EVER!

I started another game of Divinity: Original Sin 2 because I felt like I needed a better grasp of the basics and the extra E at the end of mulan rogue (my name) was annoying me. This time, I chose conjurer instead of enchanter, which meant I started with the Pet Pal perk, which meant I could talk to the animals. I got to talk to a black cat, which makes it the BEST GAME EVER. I’ll get to that in a minute. I also talked to a squirrel riding an undead steed and he calls humans Giants–which is hilarious.

I made a few different choices, but mostly stuck to the same script. once we hit Fort Joy, the game really opens up. Basically, I’m a Sourcerer who has a collar forced on me to stop the Source. On the ship where the game starts, a powerful Sourcerer kills all the Magistrates on the ship and I try to save my fellow potential party members, er, NPCs. We all end up in the water and then I hear a voice urging me towards the light. I run across other potential party members who had similar experiences and quickly add them to my party. Red Prince, Fane, and Ifan Ben-Mezd. There are three others. Sebille, Lohse, and the Beast.

Now, I’ll be real with you. I wanted Sebille because she’s another elf and Lohse because she’s a conduit for the madness. And I wanted the Beast ‘coz I like dwarfs. But, I came across the other three first. And then I was like, “#heyboohey” to Ifan, whom I learned I *can* romance. I’ve played roughly five hours and I have to make up my mind who I’m including in my party. I’ve leveled up twice and I don’t want to have too big a gap between my party members.

Here’s the thing, though. I kept Red Prince because he could dig in the sand and uncover secrets. I don’t like him otherwise, but he’s my tank at the moment. I have a shovel now, however, so I don’t need his digging ability any longer. But there’s still the fact that he’s my tank. Fane is…something magical. And my healer. But I now have the ring that does restoration so I don’t really need him, either.

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