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No Way in (Ghost in the S)Hell!

Ghost in the Shell opened this weekend–and bombed gloriously. The universal panning has been delicious, and I tweeted this: me about gits bombing rn: pic.twitter.com/VjlihZ7CXc — Minna Hong (@asiangrrlMN) April 2, 2017 Before you say it, no it’s not very mature of me, but I’m not feeling very mature about this issue right now. I… Continue Reading

Stereotypes and Representation in Popular Culture

In my quest to find a game I can enjoy as much as Dark Souls, I tried a game called 1954 Alcatraz. It’s a point-and-click adventure game set in–guess which year!–1954 and centers around an African American man who is in Alcatraz for a heist he committed. You can control him and his (white, beatnik)… Continue Reading

Fuck Off With It’s Liberals Fault This President Was Elected Bullshit

So, there’s an idea that has been circulating since the election that has recently gotten even more steam about why this president won the election–it’s because liberals were mean to the base of the Republicans, and if only we were nicer, then they wouldn’t have had to lash out like that. This is not a… Continue Reading

An Ode/Eulogy to Valentine’s Day

Ed. Note: I wrote this on Valentine’s Day, even though it won’t be posted until the day after. Just so there’s no confusion. I have a complicated relationship with Valentine’s Day. I have always professed to hate it, and I do, mostly, but it’s for more complex reasons than I normally admit. I would tell people… Continue Reading

Sometimes Silence is Not an Option; What You Can Do to Protest

In my parents’ homeland of Taiwan, they lived under a dictator named Chiang Kai-shek. He fled from the Mainland and Mao in 1949 and took over Taiwan, where he ruled with an iron fist. Taiwanese people were treated like second-class citizens in their own country. They were not allowed to speak Taiwanese in school, and… Continue Reading