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Sekiro: the pain has gone


Ed. Note: I’ll be talking about the nitty-gritty details of the game and anything else on my brain. In other words, it’s all spoilers. 

It’s been a little over two weeks since I beat Sekiro, and I’m still obsessed with it. Now that I’m done with the game, I can watch anything about it that I want. I’ve watched a ton of shit about it, including the launch trailer. I refuse to watch FromSoft launch trailers before I play the game because they spoil so much. So many bosses and different areas of the game. Most of it is in the first half, but there was some late-game shit in it as well. Also, they really highlighted the fight with Genichiro atop the Ashina Castle, which is definitely a set piece in the game. I’m including the video below, and it really shows off how epic the fight is. Of course it looks better in the trailer than in the actual game, but not by much. I also have to laugh because at the end of the trailer, they show Wolf decapitating the Guardian Ape and leaving it with the Wolf being triumphant. What a massive troll! Well played, FromSoft. Well played.

As I said in my last post, I’m on NG+ just past Genichiro. Yes, I said I was going to put the controller down for good once I finished the game, but I had to see what NG+ was like, didn’t I? Then, I had to see how I’d fare against Madame Butterfly. Then, I was so close to Genichiro, I had to give him a go. That’s the excuse I gave myself, but the truth is, FromSoft games just suck me in no matter how much they piss me off or how shitty they make me feel about myself. It’s weird to look back to the first FromSoft game I played, Dark Souls, and how I had vowed I was done with it once I beat it. I’ve tried to figure out why I came back when I was Done with a capital D. I mean, I know the reason I went back was because the sequel came out, and I wanted to brush up by playing the original again before I attempted the sequel. In addition, since I would be playing it on PC, I decided to wait until Scholar of the First Sin came out rather than buy the original game. Ok, the real reason is because I’m cheap and I don’t like paying full price for a game. I will say that Sekiro is one of the few games I’ve paid full price for–and I pre-ordered it. I pretty much will play any Miyazaki game, even though I think they’re starting to be above my pay grade. I’ll expand more on that in a bit.

One thing about doing NG+ or another playthrough of the same game is that if I missed something on my first playthrough, I’m going to miss it again on subsequent playthroughs. I’m pretty thorough on my first playthrough, and I tend to go down the same beaten path every time after. I remember recently playing SotFS for the seventh or eighth time (or more), and I was in the Brightstone Cove Tseldora watching Pate and Creighton fight. Oh, spoilers for DSII, I guess. I think I chose to help Creighton that time (I alternate between them), and after we were done, I looked around the room and noticed a hallway I had never seen before. I was gobsmacked. I also saw another room in this area I hadn’t seen before while watching a YouTuber play this area. How cool is that? New rooms after I’d played the game so many times. I’m down with that. Or when I’m watching a YouTuber and they tackle a boss in a completely different way than I had. Or an area. I can always learn something new about the games, no matter how many times I play them.

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Dark Souls and Me: A Love Story

Day Six of being sick. You know the song and dance. I’m sick. I’m sick of being sick. I’m sick of being sick of being sick. It would be easier if I just had the flu or something. Then, I could be full-out sick for three days, feel like shit, but be better in a fairly short amount of time. I have something I like to call the low-grade crud. It’s not serious, but it’s enervating. When I try to practice, I break out into a sweat after doing a few postures. That’s not a good thing. My teacher always tells me to stop if that happens, so I do. I’m tempted to go further, but I know that’s a bad thing.

Anyway, the one thing I’ve been able to do is play Dark Souls. It’s not very taxing*, but it’s something I can do when I’m not in tip-top shape. Today was more of a grinding day than anything else. I set goals for my character that are outside of my usual parameters. One, I’m rocking all of Havel’s armor. It’s one of the biggest and beefiest armors in the game, and Havel the Rock is a pretty cool NPC. His armor set is in every game, and a cool iteration of him appears in DS III. I had to pump several levels into endurance to wear it, and I’m having to add more because the badass strength weapons I’ve been saving have more weight than the base weapons, obviously. I’ve been rocking the Black Knight Sword +5 up until now. It’s a fantastic weapon, and one I mained at the end of my original playthrough. However, I got a Black Knight Greataxe drop, so I switched to that because it’s fucking badass. And it’s an axe. Which, as I’ve said a time or a hundred, is my jam. Plus, it’s better than my BKS, so I upped my endurance so I can wield it with a shield–my Silver Knight Shield. I like to have the shield to block, then quickly switch to two-handing my weapon.

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