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The pandemic is not over, but I’m resigned to most people thinking it is. We’ve reached the point where it’s basically like the flu. And for most people, a bout of COVID means a week of feeling awful before getting on with their life.

I’m trying not to be bitter, but it’s hard. It’s not their fault. I understand that most people are able to move on and not think about it. I also understand that you cannot ask society in general to care about those of us who are more vulnerable. I know this, turly, in the bottom of my heart.

But people who just blithely say, “People get to assess their own risk level” irritate the fuck out of me. Yes, they get to assess their own risk level. I’m not arguing with that. But their assesssment affects other people, and it’s because of people refusing to be prudent in the early days that we’re still here at all. It really frustrates the fuck out of me that if we had had a hard lockdown in the beginning, maybe we wouldn’t have to worry about the next variant.

Or not. COVID has been cruel as fuck, not to mention persistent, It’s easy to believe that there’s nothing we could have to slow it down.

No. I don’t believe that, especially not in the beginning. Now that we have vaxxes, yeah, it’s probably going to be that a few thousand people die from it every year is what we get from now on. Like the flu. We’ll get jabbed every year and pray that it hits the strains that are actually prevalent that year.

Those of us with weak immune systems will need to be more careful, but that’s the case in general. I’m feeling punk today (and not in a good way). It’s been this way for a week or so. The annoyiing thing is that it’s not an actual cold or anything. It’s just me feeling rundown and tired.

This may be weird, but I’d rather just be sick. Then I can get through it and get back to life. This whatever has been lingering for a week, making me feel meh about everything. It’s not bad enough for me to just sleep, but it’s enough to make it dififcult for me to focus on anything.

Just a weird side note: It’s the day after Thanksgiving, which means it’s Black Friday. Does anybody even do Black Friday any more? I never did, but I can’t imagine anyone would nowadays. There are online sales at all times. Why go to an actual store at an ungodly hour to get something on sale? To be fair, not everyone shops online. In fact, probably more people don’t than do.

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