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Elden Ring part deux: Electric Boogaloo

I started a new Elden Ring playthrough as the Prisoner. Because of course I did. I’m leaving the first playthrough as is (and I’m still finding new things every day!), but I wanted a fresh new start. The Prisoner is the classic Strength/Intelligence hybrid (with very little Faith, unfortunately), and I’m already stronger a few hours in than I was as the Confessor. And I have a staff because I start with one. The one sorcery I have is the Magic Glintblade that spins in the air before shooting off a dagger at the enemy. It’s strong for the beginning of the game as is the estoc. You start with high stats in Strength, Dex, and Int as the Prisoner, which is right where I want to be. Well, I’d like more Faith, but I can make do with what I have. I am in Caelid, which is a later-game area, and it’s mostly me running around hovering up items while avoiding dangerous enemies. The good dex-int weapon is there. In fact, I am at the boss that drops it. I can get it down halfway, but not further than that. I was going to leave it until later until I remembered it dropped Moonveil, which is a katana scaling with Intelligence and has a wicked Skill on it. I can’t wield it yet, but I’m not far off. It got nerfed, but it’s still considered one of the best Int. weapons in the game.

Side Note: The Dark Moon Greatsword is a massive disappointment. It’s the Moonlight Greatsword, which is in every From game except Sekiro. And it’s very underwhelming, unfortunately. I’ve felt that about it in every game, though, so it could just be me. If I want to get it for this character, I have to do Ranni’s quest again. I mean, I probably will because you get tons of good loot including the Mimic Tear, but still. Not sure I want to do the whole thing again. But I want a good Strength/Int weapon. And I keep thinking that Dar Moon Greatsword should be it.

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