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More about Dat (Dark) Souls

I hate the Capra Demon. That’s not a shocking admission or an outre opinion, but I had to say it. I hate him so much. Or rather, I hate his boss arena and his two damn dogs. Here’s the thing about me and the Capra Demon. Either I kill him on the first try or it  takes me aaaaaaaaaages to kill him. This time was the later and I’ll tell you for why.

Here’s the thing you need to know about the Capra. He’s in a boss arena roughly the size of a postage stamp and two dogs who are relentless. If you’re locked onto the Capra Demon as you enter the boss arena, the camera bounces all over the place. Hell, as long as the dogs are alive, you really shouldn’t lock onto anything. I’m an inveterate lock-on player, though, which is a detriment at times.

The conventional wisdom is that you take out the dogs first before tackling the Capra. Them are wise words, but it’s easier said than done.

Here’s my issue. I have a very set way of playing this game. I start as a Pyro because I’m always a Pyro and I grab the Zwei right off the bat. It takes 24 Strength to wield the Zwei so I worked towards that from the start. I also want to take it up to +5 as soon as possible. That’s a lot of levels and Souls that aren’t going towards Vit or End. I’m a glass cannon in the beginning, is what I’m saying. Which is fine in general because I can spell from afar (I buy the first two magic spells for distance sniping). but that entrance to the Capra Demon is a pain in the ass.

If everything falls my way, I get the dogs right away and then I’m up on the ledge, spelling the Capra Demon until he dies. If it doesn’t, however, then the dogs kill me over and over again or stun me enough so the Capra can kill me over and over again. Because of my fragility, I cannot sustain more than one hit from the Capra (along with a few hits from the dogs) without dying. In other words, I was having a really hard time with the Capra.

What I did was don on heavier armor so I could take a few more hits. Then I was able to dispatch of the dogs, which made the fight easy as cake. I stood on the ledge and spelled the Capra. When he came up the stairs, I hugged the wall so that he would not hit me as he jumped down (known cheese). Then, I continued to spell him until he died.

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OG Dark Souls still thrills me

Ian pitched an idea to his editor that he do a Dark Souls journal as he finally finishes Dark Souls (Remastered) for the first time. Not so much a ‘I beat the Taurus Demon’ recounting of what he’d done, but writing about some aspect of the game that makes it iconic, like the level design. Upon hearing this, I reacted with calm enthusiasm and said that was a good idea.

Just kidding. I squealed and pelted him with a barrage of messages saying I would help him in any way, ranging from being a human summon if he needed it to being his Vaati Vidya upon request as well. He had decided he was going to stream most of it so I could get in on the backend as well. I told him to tell me when to CTFO and STFU because I can get intense about the games. I wasn’t going to backseat in any way except if he misses a bonfire, maybe. But maybe not. I have given him tidbits when he asks a question such as why did he his counter go up (you get soft humanity when you kill a certain number of enemies in an area) or why did he get an extra Estus (someone kindled that bonfire in their game)? I’m trying to strike a balance between being helpful and being annoying/overwhelming. If it’s a quality of life question, I don’t feel bad answering. I’m not going to backseat how he’s playing unless he specifically asks me, though.

To that end, I started a new character. Side Note: the infamous PC bug of error corrupt data because of syncing is occurring in my game and has, on and off, since I started playing the game. And the fix is not one that is easy to apply if you’re not one for fiddling in the backend. Which is me. I’m pretty good with tech stuff, but for whatever reason, fiddling in the files always makes me nervous. I did verify the files and that helped, but it didn’t ‘cut out the problem entirely. Apparently, this is a known bug.

Anyway, Ian started a dex character–the Wanderer–and I joked that he chose the one build I can’t help with much. I have never played as a dex character because it relies too much on reflexes. But I know enough about it to help him out in general. There  are things that are beneficial for all characters such as put points in health and stamina. Endurance (stamina) is especially OP in this game because it governs load equip as well. So, pouring all your spare Souls into Endurance until you hit the soft cap of 40 never hurt nobody.

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