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Random Thoughts about Elden Ring

Talking about that Elden Ring again. Warning, there will be spoilers throughout the post. Early-ish game spoilers, but spoilers, nonetheless. In this case, it’s the comparison of the first playthrough versus this one. As a reminder, trying to do a pure strengthcaster this time, with an emphasis on Strength and Intelligence. I’m twitching, though, because there are incantations that I want to use, which take faith. Plus, I had to boost my Dex to use the weapon I’m currently using–Moonveil. It’s a magic-infused katana and it’s supposed to be one of the best Int-based weapons in the game. I do not have a good Str-Int weapon yet and the best one I know of is many many hours away.

I have five or six spell slots, which is nice. I have mentioned before that I was skeptical about Memory Stones for slots, but I’m a big fan of it now. It’s so easy! Find or buy the Memory Stone and you get another spell slot. Not level up six or seven times, which takes an increasing amount of Souls each level in the Souls games. Finding one in a chest and simply adding it to my inventory is the best.

I finally took on Godrick and I think I was very over-leveled. I hadn’t talked to Nepheli Loux because I didn’t find her in the castle before I ran into her at the Roundtable Hold. Therefore, her summon sign was not available for the fight. I used a soldiers summon, I think? Or was it my woofies? It might have been the wolves. Either way, I got into the second phase and thought I might actually be able to do it when I fell into an abyss. You see, there is a ravine in this fight or something–it pissed me off. Because of my spatial issues, I just cannot deal with abysses in a boss fight. That’s how the Gaping Dragon got me in the first Dark Souls and why I quit playing the game for a year. Anyway, I didn’t get mad because I had him. I went back in and easily took care of him the second time.

It surprised the hell out of me because it took me roughly a dozen times with Nepheli Loux in my first playthrough to beat him. He kept catching me in his horrid wind effect, not to mention his dragon head fire. Which, by the way….I want! Anyway, I beat him on my second try without breaking a sweat. Am I later in the game than I was in my first playthrough? Yes. But it’s also because I’ve fought him once already. I beat the Tree Sentinel on my second try as well. Everything is much easier this time around. Well, except the Crucible Knight in the Stormhill Evergaol. He took me seven or eight times and MUCH swearing.

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