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Elden Ring the second time around

nSo. I’m romping through the second playthrough of Elden Ring in about a third the amount of time it took me the first playthrough. I’m around 35+ hours and in the Volcano Manor. I did not get there until roughly 100+ hours in my first playthrough. I think it’s actually more than that because–and, again, spoilers galore–I did not receive the invitations to invade other people’s worlds until after I was in the Mountaintop of Giants. Wait. I don’t think that’s right, but it later in the game, I think.

At any rate, I now have the Crepus Vial (talisman)/Hidden Form (spell) combo. The former is a reward for accomplishing the second Volcano Manor invite whereas the latter is the reward for figuring out how to get into a certain rise (tower). The Mirage Rise in this case. I did not like these puzzle towers, by the way, but that is neither here nor there.

I gotta say that my number one tip for n00bs is to bump up that Vigor. If you’re a FromSoft vet, yeah, you can glass cannon it. But if you’re a newcomer or, iike me, have spatial/twitch issues that make it difficult for you to be no-hit during a boss/mob fight, you really want to make sure that red bar stretches across the top of the screen.

I still remember all the boss fights on my first playthrough that were so frustrating because I was one-shot time and time again. I will never be good enough to do a no-hit boss fight. And it’s not fun for me to fight a boss, knowing that a certain move will instantly end the fight. I know it’s partly my fault keeping my Vigor so low, but I maintain that making it so a boss can one-shot you is just deflating. OK, OK, my Vigor was extremely low. 18 for the first 100+ hours. I ended with it being 30 when it’s recommended you have 60 by the end game.

I’ve mentioned this before, but when I got the Mimic Tear Spirit Summon, which uses health rather than mana to be summoned, I couldn’t use it because I was level 18 and you needed to be 21 to have enough health to summon it (and you’d only have 20 leftover at that). 18 is 598 HP, by the way. 30 is 994 HP and 60 is 1900 HP. I said this before, but the last boss has a HP of nearly 35,600 HP. That’s multitudes more than Gwyn’s paltry 4,250 HP. He was the final boss of the first Dark Souls! To make an even more astounding, Margit, the Fell Omen, the first big boss in Elden Ring, has 4,175 HP.

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10 Tips for Newcomers to Elden Ring

Going doooooooown!

With the release of Elden Ring (FromSoft), there have been countless tips for newbs videos and articles. They’re probably helpful because these are from reputable From fans who want to help non-From fans who are intimidated by the games. As I watched them, however, I thought about how they wouldn’t help me much because of the way my brain works. So, I decided to write my own list of tips for n00bs (not necessarily ten; that’s just for the title. I’ll go until I stop) in case I could be of some use to someone.

1. Don’t be the Confessor. I know that’s very specific, but I’ll expand it in a minute. I’m the Confessor because I read that this was the strengthcasting class that is a hybrid of bonking and spelling. It starts with two incantations and both are useful. However, they are defensive rather than offensive and I read that spells and incantations are plentiful in the world. Which they might be, but not in the first area. In twelve hours, I did not find a single one. And I was not able to buy a bow until hour eight or so. Bows are great in this game, though, so it was worth the wait. But still, arrows are not unlimited and they’re not cheap. I would have liked to have ranged spells/incantations for the first dozen hours because that’s an integral part of my playstyle.

To expand past that, know your own playstyle. Do you want to dual wield? The Warrior is your class. Do you want to go around, chonking and bonking? Hero is your class–not the Warrior. Despite the name, that is a dex class not a strength one. Pure intelligence? The Astrologer is your class, etc. Read one of those ‘which starting class is for you’ and stay away from the Wretch. You’ll be able to shape your build however you want, but you might as well give you a boost to start.

2. Jump in the chasm in the beginning because that’s the tutorial. And take your time. There is so much to do in the game and it can put your brain on overload. At least it can mine. All the tutorials are in your inventory, by the way, under info. Feel free to check it out if you don’t remember everything that is thrown at you on a regular basis.

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