Underneath my yellow skin

Day 6 of feeling like shit

I am on Day Six of bad reax to the vax, to the max! Yeah, I just made that up. What of it?

The welt itself has gone down. It’s still there, but ti’s much better. It’s no longer burning, but it’s still tender (the shot site).

Yesterday, I was feeling achy and sore. I chalked it up to not  doing my full Taiji routine, but I think it’s more a reaction to the shot itself. I can say that because I did the whole Taiji routine today (minus the weapons), and I still ache. My back hurts a bit, and that’s not something I deal with any longer. Plus my shoulders are tense. I realize I’m holding them rigidly, in part to stave off the chills.

I’m cranky because I’m zipping back and forth between sweating and chills. I put on my sweatshirt and I sweat. I take it off and I get the chills. I am not a happy camper. God, I feel lik shit. I thought I would feel better by now, but I don’t.

I am almost positive that this is worse than the other times I got the vax, but I might be wrong. My memory is shot. I have had a booster or two since getting out of the hospital, but I honestly don’t remember how bad it was. I mean, I know I had an intense reaction, but I don’t remember it lasting nearly a week.

Yesterday was a bit better. Today is a bit worse. I am exhausted. I ache. And I still have the chills and the sweats, alternately.

I did my wholeTaiji routine today except for the weapons. I did do the Fan Form, but I took it very slow. On the Bagua side, I did the stretches and the once went through the three movements I know from the Swimming Dragon Form. I really don’t want to overdo it and set myself back.

My teacher emphasized to take it easy and not push myself. She said that the weapons will be there when I’m better, and I know she’s right. Two days after I got home from the hospital, I wanted to see if i could still do my weapon forms.

Remember, I had contracted walking (non-Covid-related) pneumonia, which led to two cardiac arrests and an ischemic stroke. I was pumped full of drugs, and I was as frail as a newborn kitten. On that second day home from the hopsital, I picked up my steel sword and did the first three movements of the Sword Form. I was instantly fatigued, but I was also thrilled beyond belief that I remembered it.

I put it back down and did not touch it for weeks. My teacher counseled me to take it slow and brought me a kid’s wooden sword for me to use when I was ready to do the Sword Form again. That was several weeks later and by that time, I could use my regular wooden sword.

I did the Fan Form today along with the stretches and the warmups. I did one section of the Solo Form as I always do. In Bagua, I did not walk the circle. I also did not do the weight-bearing set I normally do.

I hate not doing my full routine. I feel like I’m slacking, even though I know it’s legit. It’s because when I was a kid, my mother made it a rule that I could not skip school unless I had a temperature. My base temp is 97.5, and I never got a temperature above 98. Not even when I was sick as fuck.

I stayed up late last night, though. It’s partly beacuse I’ve been sleeping a lot during the day (because of the shot reaction). My schodule is completely off, which is annoying. Normally, I’m in bed by 2 a.m. and up by 10 a.m.

I was playing Elden Ring. There were two things I learned from Retry (and community) that I haden’t known before. One was an item in a place I didn’t know (small thing), and the other was a secret room (a medium thing). I went back with all my characetrs to do these two things,  which helped me remember that I have several characters in the game. One is a plague doctor I styled after Eileen the Crow from Bloodborne. I am doing a playthrough loosely based on Rory’s run, and it’s so hard. He’s more a dex guy, which is my weakness. he’s currently using the twinblade which I hate. But also the whip, which, I mean.

I decided to do a pure strength character, mulan rough. I always name my characetrs mulan rogue, so the play on words makes me happy. I have never done a pure strength build. I have put three tiny levels into faith so I can use the basic heal, the cure incantations (especially of scarlet rot), and poison mist. But I swear I will not level up faith any more. Or arcane. Or intelligence. Those are all the magicks stats, and it’s really weird to have all these spell slots and nothing to fill them with.

It’s been a blast to just obliterate enemies. Most of the time, it’s much easier to kill enemies in this fashion. I will say that at the start, it’s harder because the stats just aren’t there. Magicks can keep things manageable whereas getting up close and personal means I have to take more damage. granted, I have better armor, but it was still harder than being a glass cannon.

Now, however, I’m very stronk. I have more helath while still in Liurnia than I did in nearly the whole first playthrough I did. But that was me being stubborn. I had 18 Vigor for the first 100+ hours beause I had so many other stats I needed to pump levels into. Mind is the stat for Focus Points (FP), which is basically mana. You need it to shoot off magicks, but also to use your spirit summons (but a few). You also use it for weapon arts.

Of course, I had to up either Intelligence or Faith (or both), and a few in Arcane to use the basics. I think Dex affects casting speed? I didn’t care about that, though. I never touch Dex.

I’m tired. Gonna stop now. Hopefully, I will feel better tomorrow.


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