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Depression is a tricky bastard it is

I’ve been experiencing a medium-grade depression for roughly six months, and it’s time to admit it isn’t going away on its own. I gutted it out the first few months because I thought it was temporary, but now, I fear it’s not true. I want to mention that I always have a low-grade depression. Always.… Continue Reading

With age, hopefully, comes wisdom

  I’ve been thinking lately about all the things I learned as a kid that are not relevant to me now. For the purpose of this post, I’m going to stick with the ideas related to health, mental and physical. 1. When and how I eat. If you’re around my age (late forties), I’m sure… Continue Reading

My body hates me–and the feeling is mutual

I hate my body right now. This is not unusual for me as I’ve hated it for most of my life. I was a chubby kid starting when I was seven for many reasons, and my mother put me on my first diet. One of the things I remember her saying from that time was,… Continue Reading

I can’t even

This is one of those days when I just can’t. Here’s Gregg’s Woods from Night in the Woods, one of my favorite games of all times. I’ve played it three times, and I’m thinking about playing it again because I loved it so much and because there are still a few things I missed the… Continue Reading

What a drag (on my health)

I’m afraid this is my new normal, being roughly 60%. Every time I get past that point, something happens that sets me back. For example, last night, and TMI for possibly grossness, I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because I’m twelve–side note: why are PB&Js considered children’s food?–and a minute later, I had… Continue Reading