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Please Do Not Disturb

I was going to rant about the latest mass shooting, but I woke up feeling feverish, exhausted, and grumpy. So, instead, I’m going to hunker down, drink copious amount of fluids, and shiver under my blankets. Here is a video of Elajjaz speed-running the bosses in Bloodborne in a little over an hour using at… Continue Reading

The Journey is Long

Last week, I felt more like myself than I have in months, and I started amping up my morning routine. Then, I woke up coughing and feeling like shit Friday afternoon, and I had two immediate thoughts. One, Shadow had been sleeping on my chest while I was asleep (a new thing for him), and… Continue Reading

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

A friend recently asked me how my depression was, and the question stumped me. It’s not something I talk about, and I didn’t know quite how to answer. I said something like, “It’s better than it was before. I’m sleeping more, but I’ll probably have to deal with it all my life.” This is technically… Continue Reading