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How We as a Society Respond to a Crisis

I woke up to the horrific news that a man who volunteered for Bernie Sanders shot at Republicans while they were practicing for the annual congressional baseball thing. Two congressmen were wounded along with a lobbyist and a legislative something or the other, and the gunman was shot and killed by the police. Two police… Continue Reading

General Announcement: Breaking Up With Politics

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was thinking about rejiggering the format of my blog. Now, I’m formally announcing that Topical Politics will no longer be a category*, meaning I’ll have to come up with something else to write on Thursdays. I haven’t gotten that far in the planning yet. The reason I… Continue Reading

Top 10 Things I Need When We Talk About This President

I’m tired. I’m sick. I’m sick and tired, which means I’m fucking cranky. As such, my normal filters are gone, so I decided this is the perfect time to go on a rant about how people talk about this president–mostly the media, but also people on social media. Look, I know we’re in dark days… Continue Reading

An Open Letter to My Fellow Democrats:

Dear Fellow Dems: Hiya. How’re you doing? It’s been a long time since we’ve had a little chat. How’re you recovering from the election shock? I hope you are practicing self-care. That said, we have to have a talk. Grab your favorite (non-alcoholic) beverage, sit back, and listen to Auntie Minna preach some wisdom. Or… Continue Reading

This Presidential Administration is a Clown Car and a Shit Show

I was in the Syracuse airport yesterday on my way home from visiting Ian upstate NY, trying to ignore everything around me, but I couldn’t block out fucking CNN. Why does every airport have CNN blaring from their TVs? I deliberately ban CNN from polluting my life, but I don’t get that choice when I’m… Continue Reading

Through a Looking Glass Weirdly

About a month ago, this president’s staff accused Obama of having a shadow government. Never mind that there was absolutely zero evidence of this–that’s never stopped them before. Besides the fact that many Americans including me would be crying tears of joy if this were actually true, it got me thinking about the disparity between… Continue Reading